New Members. More Satisfaction.

Associations make large investments to create and distribute digital publications aimed at increasing new member numbers and current member satisfaction. 

With Vitrium Security you can secure your PDF files and protect confidential, sensitive or copyrighted information. Protect your intellectual property or revenue streams associated with documents or member subscriptions with our document security and hassle-free digital rights management (DRM) solution.

How it works: simply upload PDF files, apply security and control settings, and distribute PDF files securely. To learn more, download the White Paper or contact Vitrium. 



Associations that use Vitrium: 



Associations create content that need to be protected and controlled, like:

  • Online training and education materials for members or paying customers.
  • Digital library national and global standards for industry. 
  • Market intelligence, industry reports, and publications compiled by outside consultants or committee members. 
  • In-house certification or accreditation programs for members. 
  • Sensitive and confidential documents for Board of Directors, or committees. 

Vitrium protects all types of documents for associations. Easy for your audience to acess it, but only your audience.