Vitrium Newsletter - Volume 6, Issue 4


VOLUME 6, ISSUE 4 - April 28, 2016

In This Issue:


New Document Analytics for Vitrium's Document Security Solution

The latest release of Protectedpdf version 6.0 includes new document analytics features and increased compatibility with read-out-loud applications for the visually impaired. You can start leveraging these features to improve your end user (or reader) engagement while still ensuring that your documents are protected against unauthorized access and file sharing.

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Eloquent Partners With Vitrium to Expand Services

Vitrium recently partnered with Eloquent, who provides knowledge management professionals with software systems for organizing information about physical and digital assets. The seamless interface between Eloquent and Vitrium's Protectedpdf allows their customers to include highly sensitive documents in the same Eloquent database as other resources that are promoted to the general public.

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Make Your Content Accessible to All Your Readers

Digital rights management (DRM) is a technological constraint on what a user can do with a document. DRM involves some form of encryption that locks a document to a user's identity, so they can't share with any unauthorized readers. DRM has become one of the more important topics for publishers however, are they utilizing DRM at its fullest? Here are the 5 DRM mistakes publishers make.

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Watch Webinar - Protect Your Content & Maximize Your Revenues

It's easier than ever to share content and your readers could be freely distributing your materials without consent, cutting into your revenue streams. While you want to protect your content against uncontrolled distribution, it's also important to maintain a positive user experience so you don't lose customers or subscribers.

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