Vitrium Newsletter - Volume 6, Issue 6


VOLUME 6, ISSUE 6 - June 29, 2016

In This Issue:


Vitrium Adds Secure Document Encryption for Microsoft Office Files to DRM Platform

Vitrium's popular document security solution, Protectedpdf, will be expanding beyond PDF files with the upcoming release of a Microsoft Office add-in that will allow document owners to protect their Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. The new add-in will not only provide encryption for confidential documents, such as financial statements, board materials, and sales sheets, but also digital rights management for revenue-generating content, such as training materials, research reports, eBooks, and more.

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DRM & Analytics Are Essential to Content Marketing

Content publishers and marketers have always had a love/hate relationship with DRM.

Things that they hate: DRM, content security, gating content, and usernames & passwords. Things that they love: analytics, metrics, data, reader consumption, document value.

Content producers want their content to be read and enjoyed. They want to bring value to the reader and increase revenue or exposure for the business.

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6 Steps to Creating Positive Reader Experiences - Part 2

For some content providers, leaving documents unprotected is simply not an option. However, it is difficult to create document security systems that do not frustrate readers. Document security, inexpertly applied, can quickly become a deterrent for readers, especially as many people often feel they can most-likely find the information they need from another, more accessible source. Therefore, a balance must be struck between creating a positive experience for readers and maintaining document security.

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Finding the Delicate DRM Balance

Are you concerned about someone stealing your intellectual properties? Have you ever considered that you could be losing on potential revenue due to copyright infringement and piracy? Do you publish your content online without digital rights management (DRM)? If your answer is yes to any of these questions then read on.

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