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Vitrium Security Enterprise is a business tool that protects clients’ revenues by ensuring that their valuable videos, documents, and images are used appropriately.

If you have files that you are looking to sell or distribute but you want to control and manage who gets access to the files, what IP addresses they can be accessed from, and prevent unauthorized sharing and distribution, than Vitrium Security Enterprise Content Management and DRM is for you. 

Vitrium Security automatically encrypts files that are uploaded to the platform and applies layers of security and DRM to the file that let you control access to content, especially after a purchase. It is also used to limit the number of times the material can be viewed after purchase and/or as a copy protection schema.

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This page is designed as a place where you can take a quick glance at Vitrium and our Enterprise Content Security & DRM software solution, Vitrium Security. For more in-depth information, please visit our website at

Our Story


Based out of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada's western most province, Vitrium has been securing content since 2005. We are one of the most widely deployed content security solutions on the market, with over a million users accessing Vitrium Security content worldwide.


From when we started until today, all of Vitrium’s software applications and technology are developed in-house. Our growing team of software developers are constantly improving and evolving our solution to better match the needs of our customers.

We consistently add new features while incorporating feedback from our users to understand how Vitrium Security can go farther in letting you protect, control, distribute, and analyze your content.

Our Customers

Some of our Use Cases and Customers' Case Studies 

Use Cases:

Case Studies

This is just a small sample of our customers' use cases. If you would like to learn more about a use case for your specific industry, don't hesitate to contact us or book a demo. 

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How Vitrium Security Works


When you upload your files - these can be video, PDF, Microsoft Office, Open Office, or image files, we encrypt it with 256-bit AES military-grade encryption to protect it against all unauthorized use and distribution while still making them accessible and easy-to-use for your customers.

Once a file is uploaded to Vitrium Security, it is converted into a Secure PDF and a Secure Web Link. Unlike other solutions in the market that require your customers to download an application or plug-in to view your protected files, Vitrium Security files are accessible from almost any device on the market.

Whether your audience is on a smart phone, a tablet, a PC or a Mac, it doesn’t matter. Vitrium's Secure PDF or Secure Web Link can be accessed using Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, or any major Web Browser. 

Your Customer's Experience


Once you upload the documents to Vitrium and encrypt the file, you will have access to two reading options. First, is a unique HTML weblink (Secure URL) to be distributed to your audience so that users can access the content of the file through a web browser. It is just like viewing a PDF through a web browser.

The other option is an encrypted PDF file, which you can send to your audience, they can download it and view it using Adobe Reader or Acrobat on a PC or a Mac.

Both options require users to input credentials through a login screen. The login screen gets added to the file or secure web link by Vitrium Security when the file is uploaded. Login screens are customizable (by Vitrium) and can include your logo and branding. 

If you would like to avoid having users input their credentials on a login screen, such as when users already login to a portal or website, you can take advantage of Vitrium’s Single Sign-on functionality. Vitrium Security integrates with any system that you are running that includes a login authentication and authorization mechanism, to leverage credentials data from that system to lock and unlock access to Vitrium protected files. This way, paid users and subscribers don’t have to manually enter credentials for each file they want to access, instead their credentials are applied to all files related to their account. 

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DRM and Access Rights

Vitrium Security’s DRM functionality enables all major content sales and distribution business models for content creators, publishers, and distributors. Whether selling content files individually, as a subscription-based model for access to a digital asset library, or a hybrid of the two, Vitrium Security ensures content is sold on a personal and non-transferable manner.


In addition to encryption and password protection, when you upload a file to Vitrium Security you can apply content settings to the file to control how it is used and accessed. 

These include: 

Dynamic watermarks use your customer's data to add a line of text to the document such as their user name, user ID, date, time of access, document code, or computer ID. A static watermark is a word or phrase that you determine independent of the user accessing it. Printing restrictions include restrictions to the Secure PDF or Secure Weblink


Vitrium has a comprehensive list of Digital Rights Management (DRM) for Vitrium Security customers, including:

  • Access expiration controls
  • Online or Offline access control
  • Browser or PDF access limits
  • IP restrictions controls

Vitrium Security lets you set an expiration date for the user access, also called dynamic expiration, when the user’s first login triggers a expiration timeline, or set up expiration by a specific day, in case of a periodical or limited time offer.

For both weblink and PDF, Vitrium provides offline access. If your paid customers wish to access the content they purchased offline, you can set an offline period in which they will be able to see their content.

There are two Vitrium Security features that prevent sharing, forwarding, or redistribution of your content, you can set a limit on the number of accesses on Adobe Readers or browsers that can unlock the content. This provides flexibility in offering a paying customer access to content from multiple devices while preventing file and password sharing.

The second option is to establish IP Address limits, which can be applied in two manners: a total number of different IP addresses per user that are allowed access to the content, and a white list of IP addresses that can access the content file.

In addition, Vitrium Security offers Document Limit restriction, which is a library limit that enables you to set a number of content files a user can access. If you sell access to content in bundles or through tokens, this enables you to automatically restrict access to remaining files once the limit is reached by the user.

Lastly, Vitrium Security lets you apply an Unlock Limit, which controls how many times a user can unlock a specific content file, before the system will block them from accessing it again.

All limits can be reset in Vitrium’s dashboard at the user level, easily granting renewed access to any specific user that has reached a restriction limit imposed by your administrators.

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Tracking and Analytics

Security Tracking & Usage Analytics

Vitrium Security offers more than robust content security and Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls. Content creators, publishers, and distributors have access to security tracking and usage analytics for each content file and customer in their database to better understand how the content is being accessed and used.

Audit log

Every time one of your customers attempts to access a content file, Vitrium Security’s Audit Log is updated with an entry recording the attempt, including date and time, the person’s username, the file name of the content they are attempting to view, whether the attempt was made on a Secure PDF file or a Secure Web Link, and device information such as IP address, device number, and browser. A green entry lock means that the attempt to unlock the file was successful, while a red one shows an instance where Vitrium Security has prevented the end user from accessing the file.

Error Codes and SUpporting Your Customers

Access attempts can fail for various reasons, including an attempt to access content with the wrong password, limit restriction having been reached, or other reasons. Each reason has an Error Code attributed to it, so that your Vitrium Security administrators can quickly identify why a specific user is not able to access a content file.

It is a really good tool for Vitrium Security customers to track who is accessing their content, to provide general customer support, and identify any issues with specific files or users. 

Read Through Rate and Total Time Spent on File

Taking analytics one step further, Vitrium Security provides page-level analytics for Vitrium customers to be able to monitor the level of engagement each content file has with its designated audience through our Secure Web Links. These include capturing a content file’s read through rate which is a percentage calculated based on the total number of pages an end user has viewed as compared to the total pages of the content filel; keeping track of the total time spent on a content file by each end user, including how many pages they have viewed, how much time was spent on each page, and how many times a specific page was accessed.

All analytics data is delivered to you through Vitrium Security’s dashboard and captured through the Secure Web Link.

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Secure Client Portal

Deploy Your User Portal in Minutes

For companies that do not already have a content distribution workflow, or for those that are looking to innovate or expand the way in which content is distributed, Vitrium Security’s Central User Portal does just that.

Included in the Professional and Enterprise editions of Vitrium Security, the Central User Portal empowers content owners and publishers to create a custom URL, add brand colors and logos, and enable simple self-service account administration tasks like user registration and password recovery.

It is an easy alternative to provide a branded Secure Client Portal for your audience. After setting it up with your colors and branding, you simply send out the link to your end users and they can access all content files associated with their accounts in one place.

Vitrium Security’s Central User Portal can be set up within minutes. All permission settings for users and documents for traditional methods of distributing secured files are automatically applied to the Central User Portal. With just a click of the mouse and a few items to set up, you can deploy your Central User Portal in minutes.

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Integration to Existing Systems

Content Security Technology for Your Systems

We designed Vitrium Security's dashboard and administrative panel to make securing files easy and effective. But the true power of Vitrium is its content security technology that can be applied and molded to work with your systems and workflows. 

Our technology is easy to implement (using RESTful APIs)  and integrates seamlessly with your existing user management system, content management technology, and online marketplace or website. 

Our Professional Services team can help implement and integrate Vitrium’s content security technology with most existing user database systems, content management platforms, and online marketplace environments. Vitrium’s PS team has overseen hundreds of projects for a organizations in a variety of fields, integrating Vitrium Security with general and industry specific software systems, including Salesforce, Magento, WooCommerce, Personify, LoudCloud LMS, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Active Directory, Jive, SharePoint, and many more.

Vitrium’s RESTful APIs are designed to integrate Vitrium seamlessly with most systems storing user credential, and authorization and authentication information, as well as content management systems, and web-based marketplace applications.

If you have your own team or consulting service to perform the integration of Vitrium’s technology, we are happy to support your project and only offer assistance when necessary.

We hope you enjoyed this quick guide to Vitrium and our Enterprise Content Security software solution, Vitrium Security. We highly encourage you to book a demo with us. 

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