Protect your content with Vitrium!

  • Protect your valuable or confidential documents, videos, images or audio files
  • Control who can access your content, for how long, on what device, and more
  • Integrate with your existing business systems or workflows using RESTful APIs
  • Offer single sign-on (SSO) functionality with your website, portal or other system
  • Gain incredible insight and analytical data into your content usage
  • Provide seamless user access to content without the need for apps or plug-ins 



Digital Protection Solution for various uses!  

Vitrium lets you protect, control and analyze your valuable content with government-grade encryption and a wide range of digital rights management (DRM) controls. Protect the following types of content:

  • Documents such as research reports, standards documents, data intelligence reports, training manuals, eBooks, educational content, and more 
  • Videos such as training videos, educational content, tutorials, and more
  • Images such as pictures, photos, designs, infographics and more
  • Audio content such as songs, podcasts, files requiring transcription, and more

All files are protected and converted to Vitrium's secure web format that does not require any apps or plug-ins to view, just a simple browser!*

*For documents, a protected PDF format is also available.