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Features Standard > Enterprise >
Number of Documents

Up to 100

Different levels available

Number of Users (Audience)

Up to 500

Different levels available

Cloud-Hosted Software Service list-checkmark list-checkmark
Installed, On-Premise Version Available subtract-orange list-checkmark
File Types & Encryption
PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint list-checkmark list-checkmark
256-bit AES encryption1 list-checkmark list-checkmark
Controls & Rights Management
Print, copy and annotations control list-checkmark list-checkmark
Document or page-level password protection2 list-checkmark list-checkmark
Set device limits, offline access and date expiration list-checkmark list-checkmark
Revoke or replace documents at any time list-checkmark list-checkmark
Set unlock limits, print limits, and IP address limits subtract-orange list-checkmark
Control different versions of your documents without losing previous versions subtract-orange list-checkmark
Add plain-text or custom watermarks that pull user and other system data list-checkmark list-checkmark
Add multiple watermarks or multi-line watermarks subtract-orange list-checkmark
Central portal for users to access protected files list-checkmark list-checkmark
Web browser support for desktop, tablet and smartphones3 list-checkmark list-checkmark
Adobe Reader or Acrobat compatibility list-checkmark list-checkmark
Offline access available for secured PDF files and web links list-checkmark list-checkmark
Support for visually impaired users (compatible with read-out-loud applications) list-checkmark list-checkmark
Analytics & Reporting
Document and user tracking (files opened, date & time, IP address, and more) list-checkmark list-checkmark
Real-time analytical reports4 (documents opened, time spent, pages viewed, and more) list-checkmark list-checkmark
Administration & Integration
Customizable login form and cover page

Additional Fee

Configurable document & watermark settings and DRM policies list-checkmark list-checkmark
Out-of-the-box synch with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Salesforce CRM list-checkmark list-checkmark
Customizable URLs, user portal and web link graphics list-checkmark list-checkmark
Configurable staff roles & permissions subtract-orange list-checkmark
Batch or automated processing of documents subtract-orange list-checkmark
Single sign-on & integration capabilities with 3rd party systems subtract-orange list-checkmark
Integrate with Active Directory, SQL Server or other databases subtract-orange list-checkmark
Integrate with document management, eCommerce systems, LMS, CRM, association management, or other 3rd party systems subtract-orange list-checkmark
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1 Encryption level on the secured PDF output is 128-bit AES encryption.
2 Page-level protection only available for secured PDF files, not the web links.
3 Applicable to the secured web link only.
4 Some reports only available with the secured web links.

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