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Newsletter: June 2016

June – Volume 6, Issue 6 Vitrium Adds Secure Document Encryption for Microsoft Office Files to DRM Platform DRM & Analytics Are Essential to Content Marketing 6 Steps to Creating Positive Reader Experiences – Part 2 Finding the Delicate DRM Balance View Newsletter

Insight into Your Readers with Analytics

Are all digital rights management (DRM) software created equal? What if there is a solution that offers more than just document security? Protectedpdf recently released a new analytics dashboard with eight (more on the way!) unique reports that provide content owners with insightful information on their documents and readers. These reports contain detailed, real-time data […]

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We Need Your Help – Participate In Our Survey

WebWorks and Vitrium Systems would like your help! We are hoping to get your opinion on a new business partnership that may benefit your business – but you’ll need to tell us!     Start Survey You invest in Web Works so that you can create beautiful content. No other technology allows you to convert […]