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Greatest Myths of Cloud Security

Cloud computing and cloud applications have become popular over the past decade; however, many misconceptions about cloud services still remain. Below, I will go over a list of the most common misunderstandings about cloud services.         The cloud is not secured Chances are, cloud providers have greater expertise and more technical staff […]

Make Your Content Accessible to All Your Readers

The process of adopting an accessibility policy in any part of your business can be an overwhelming undertaking. It may mean uprooting already firmly established workflows and investing in new technologies. When it comes to document management and online publishing, accessibility often times means compatibility. It’s about being compatible with whatever devices and applications readers […]

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Eloquent Partners With Vitrium to Expand Services

Vitrium recently partnered with Eloquent, who provides knowledge management professionals with software systems for organizing information about physical and digital assets. The seamless interface between Eloquent and Vitrium’s Protectedpdf allows their customers to include highly sensitive documents in the same Eloquent database as other resources that are promoted to the general public. Giving readers only […]

New Document Analytics for Vitrium’s Document Security Solution

[PRWeb | Vancouver, BC, March 29, 2016] Vitrium announced today that the latest release of its document security solution, Protectedpdf version 6.0 includes new document analytics features and increased compatibility with read-out-loud applications for the visually impaired.Those who distribute PDF-based content, such as training materials, research reports, financial documents, manuscripts, eBooks, and more, can start […]