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How Much Does a Data Breach Cost? A Quick Worksheet

For many companies who understand the risk of a breach of confidential information, the ability to quantify the risk is elusive. Justifying the cost of implementing controls is difficult if the c-suite can’t be convinced of a problem, and the “c’s” are unlikely to understand arguments that don’t come with some dollars attached. The “risk” […]

6 Cyber Security Tips Everyone Should Know

Our moms were actually pretty good at setting us up with good habits. Just like brushing our teeth everyday, or washing our hands before eating, we need to develop some good habits when it comes to our daily interaction with our technology, especially computing technology. We’d never dream of leaving our car unlocked, or leaving […]

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Risk Grader Helps Assess Risk for Security Breach and Copyright Protection

[PRWEB | Vancouver, June 25, 2015] Vitrium™ has added a free “risk grader” tool to its website that allows visitors looking for copyright protection, or protection of sensitive information, to quickly assess how at risk they are for a document security breach. With all the security breaches and cyber security attacks on front page news […]

Protectedpdf DRM Encryption Now Works with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive & MS OneDrive

[PRWEB | Vancouver, May 21, 2015] Vitrium™ announced today that it has released version 5.6 of Protectedpdf, the popular cloud-based DRM and document encryption software solution. This latest version integrates the solution with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and MS OneDrive making it easier to upload files from these services and save secure documents to these […]