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The Balance Between Content Protection & Ease of Use

Implementing an enterprise-level content protection or digital rights management (DRM) software may seem like a daunting endeavour that will present challenges for your organization and customers (or ...

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Vitrium’s Top 10 Features Released in 2021

At Vitrium, we work collaboratively to deliver the best possible product and support, therefore, we rely on the feedback from our customers and their end users to improve our ...

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WPS Protects Educational & Psychological Assessments With Vitrium Security

View the PDF > "If you have to choose between Vitrium and another company, I suggest going with Vitrium. We can safely distribute our valuable intellectual property." -Rocco ...

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Vitrium Vs. Locklizard: How Do We Compare

Vitrium is a customer centric company, and our digital rights management (DRM) products are developed with the goal of providing an ideal user experience. As the source of revenue ...

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Overview of Vitrium’s Web Viewer

Among the different content protection and digital rights management technologies in the market today, very few function without the need for users to download 3rd party ...

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Overview of Vitrium’s Digital Watermarks

A digital watermark is a commonly used security measure by content publishers to deter copyright infringement and prevent unauthorized sharing or copying. It is also one of over ...

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Vitrium Security Overview

Click here to download the PDF file Vitrium Security is a comprehensive and easy to use content protection and digital rights management (DRM) software solution.  Trusted by ...

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