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Vitrium Security

Protect your content and distribute via links, in a custom portal, or through your system


Starting from $ 500 /mo Annually
Start with 250 users, 10 GB storage
Additional user & storage packages available
Ideal for

Lower volumes of content to protect and manual processes


Basic DRM solution with over 10 different controls and a custom portal

  • Protect documents, images, audio & videos
    Video protection is an add-on cost.
  • Manually upload content, users and groups
  • Set print & copy controls, expiry dates, device limits, and more
  • Send a secure web link or a protected PDF file
    No apps or plug-ins required to access content
  • Distribute multiple content through a customized secure portal


Starting from $ 1000 /mo Annually
Start with 750 users, 50 GB storage
Additional user & storage packages available
Ideal for

Larger volumes of content to protect or requirement to automate processes


All the same features as Vitrium Pro, plus integration and SSO options

  • Protect documents, images, audio & videos
    Video protection is an add-on cost.
  • Integrate with 3rd party systems such as LMS, CRM, AMS, eCommerce and more
  • Automate your content upload & encryption process
  • Automate your user authentication workflows
  • Enable SSO with OAuth, SAML or a 3rd party identity system
    SAML available with limited providers.


License your content and maintain control
Starting from $ 450 /mo Annually
100 staff accounts, 10 GB storage
Additional user & storage packages available
Ideal for

Requirement to redistribute content through schools or organizations


DRM solution with custom portal and content redistribution capabilities

  • Protect documents, images, audio & videos
    Video protection is an add-on cost.
  • Assign licenses and have your customers redistribute the content
  • Assign different DRM policies to different customer types
  • Distribute content through a customized, LMS-like web app
  • Grant students or trainees access through a simple access-code (no passwords)

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Vitrium Pro

Content protection for lower volumes

Vitrium Enterprise

Content protection with automation & integration


Content protection & license redistribution

DRM Protection & Controls
Protect documents, images, audio and videos
Video protection is an add-on cost
Prevent printing, copying and screen sharing
Apply dynamic, user-identifying watermarks
Set expiry dates and device limits
Set open limits, IP address controls, and location restrictions
These are available as add-on features for Vitrium Pro
Allow protected PDF download option
Licensing & Redistribution
Assign different permissions to different users
Enable self-registration for end users
License content to schools or corporations who can redistribute content to students, trainees or others
Allow admin and staff accounts to share content via a limited-time access code
User Access
Access documents and images via a secure web viewer with viewing and annotation features
Access videos and audio via secure, streaming web player with different resolutions, bookmarks and more
Access content via a central, customized web portal
Implement single sign-on (SSO) access with Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Salesforce
SSO for Vitrium Pro is an add-on feature
Implement single sign-on (SSO) access with Clever or Classlink
Integrate with an eCommerce system
Integrate with an LMS, AMS or other 3rd party system
Analytics & Tracking
Track who is accessing your DRM content, when, where and how
Drill down into analytical reports to gain insight into user behaviors
Learn what your top performing content are or who your most active users are
Track which licenses / access codes have been assigned
Implementation & Support

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Common Pricing Questions

Yes, we do offer monthly plans for Vitrium Security Pro and VitriumOne, but not for Vitrium Security Enterprise. For monthly plans, there is a slight premium added due to the additional administration.

Yes, there is additional cost to add video on any of the plans mentioned above, as video files are much larger, consume more storage, and require more bandwidth. Please reach out to our team to receive a quote for any product with video.

Yes, we offer additional user and storage packages for any product line, and we offer different pricing tiers for larger volumes.

Yes, every Vitrium subscription includes complimentary training and onboarding for your teams.

We offer 'Standard Support' for every Vitrium subscription which includes access to Vitrium's Knowledge Base, how-to videos, online guides, and a limited number of support tickets per year. We also offer an 'Elite Support' package for an additional fee. Please reach out to our team to receive a quote for Elite Support.

Yes, we offer different Professional Services packages for integrating any of Vitrium's solutions with 3rd party systems. Our team can either support your team through the integration and provide you with extensive API documentation and code samples, or you can hire our team to do the work for you.


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