When you begin to investigate document security solutions, we invite you to explore some of the benefits of using our Protectedpdf® software. Protectedpdf®  is trusted by hundreds of companies around the world and millions of readers have accessed our secure documents with our cloud-based and installed solutions.

Whether you are a small business looking to secure a few assets, monetize a new product, or a large corporation with valuable training materials, sensitive information or trade secrets, we have the right level of protection for your documents. And, our product features ensure that your readers will enjoy a painless reading experience.

Access Anywhere - Protectedpdf<sup>®</sup> Document SecurityAccess Anywhere.These days readers want access on all of their devices. That’s why we’ve made sure Protectedpdf® documents are distributed and accessible to all your users at any time, no matter what they use – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

No Plug-ins or Downloads - Protectedpdf Document SecurityNo Plug-ins or Downloads! Protectedpdf® is designed to be seamless and hassle-free! It’ll work with the programs and methods your readers already use, like Adobe Reader for viewing PDFs on a desktop, or any modern web browser for viewing documents on tablets or other mobile devices.

Protect Any PDF Document - Protectedpdf Document SecurityProtect Any PDF Document. Use Protectedpdf® to secure your eBooks, textbooks, educational or other course materials, research reports, financial statements, investment proposals, case studies, white papers, sales sheets, design specs, and much more. Any PDF can be secured – surprise us with your use case!

Control Documents - Protectedpdf Document SecurityControl Documents! Let’s face it, controlling access is a lot like wrangling cats. Easily control how your documents are distributed by setting different reader access permissions and utilizing powerful DRM features like password control, copy and print control, shredding (digital expiry, no cats are involved), true watermarking and more.

Security that travels

Protection on the move! Whether synched to a device, shared off the network and sent onto an unsecured platform, or found on a lost or stolen device, you can rest assured that Protectedpdf® will protect your documents from prying eyes no matter where they are.

Customization and Integration - Protectedpdf Document SecurityNeed Customization and Integration? So, your organization has a CRM, ERP, LMS or other system? No problem. Easily integrate Protectedpdf® with your back-end or front-end systems, as part of your overall document workflow or digital rights management process.

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