TitleVest Uses Vitrium Security to Protect Thousands of Documents in its Digital Library

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“Without a solution like Vitrium Security, the business plan wouldn’t have been viable. As a result of our implementation of the secure digital library and other initiatives, TitleVest has been voted New York's Best Title Agency for the fourth consecutive year." - Brian Tormey, President, TitleVest

Company Overview

TitleVest is a title insurance agency headquartered in New York that offers a full range of title insurance and related services throughout the United States, from large, complex commercial transactions to residential purchase and mortgage refinances. TitleVest provides exemplary service through personal attention and hard work by a team of highly experienced attorneys and support staff.

Key Challenges

As TitleVest’s latest initiative in providing unique service, it developed the Co-op and Condo Offering Plan Library. This is a digital library of thousands of condominium and co-op offering plans and amendments. They are available free online for anyone to access. By placing the documents online, they can be easily searched using keywords, helping buyers navigate their way through hundreds of pages that were previously only available in hard copy. Normally, the documents have to be requested from the building’s developer or managing agent, taking several days to make a copy, and costing several hundred dollars.

In order to offer the Co-op and Condo Offering Plan library digitally, TitleVest realized that there were some concerns it would have to address. “After we had invested all this time and money into these plans and the amendments, we didn’t want to send them out with no ability to centrally control their distribution,” stated brian Tormey, President of TitleVest. Another security concern was how to prevent them from being maliciously modified. “We wouldn’t want someone to create rogue copies where the language changed or false information was inserted,” says Mr. Tormey.

The Solution – Vitrium Security

TitleVest reviewed and compared a large number of protection solutions, and spoke to other industry professionals about different software programs and their experience with them. In the end, TitleVest chose Vitrium Security after researched indicated it was best-in-class software.

One of the driving factors that made Vitrium Security ideal for TitleVest was its ability to work seamlessly with no additional software download needed by the reader. Vitrium does not require the end user to download any plug-ins or additional software to view protected documents. Vitrium-secured documents can be accessed with Adobe Reader, a popular PDF viewing application, or with a web browser on any type of device - desktop, mobile or tablet.

TitleVest leverages a variety of Vitrium's security features including copy and print controls, device limits, document expiry or revoking, custom user watermarks, and more. These features go beyond simple password protection, providing continued control over documents once they have been opened.

Additionally, TitleVest distributes the documents by sending links to its users who log in to the TitleVest portal and access Vitrium-secured documents utilizing Vitrium's single sign-on (SSO) capabilities. This allows users to access protected documents without having to sign into each document again, making it easy and efficient for authorized users to access the secured content.

“Without a solution like Vitrium Security, the business plan really wouldn’t have been viable," stated Brian Tormey, President of TitleVest.

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