IMC Vancouver 2010 – Day 1

The first day of IMC Vancouver 2010 involved 4 different intense training sessions on various areas of internet marketing. From social media strategy, to setting up pay-per-click campaigns, seminar leaders shared their expertise with attendees.

Vitrium's booth showcased our PDF lead generation solution - PDFSalesLeads, where our knowledgable sales representatives helped conference attendees understand how they can be leveraging their PDFs to generate more sales leads. Many internet marketers, in particular B2B marketers, gate their PDF documents behind web registration forms that deter visitors from downloading the PDF. PDFSalesLeads embeds a contact form into the PDF, allowing viewers to preview your content (if you want them to). By previewing some of the content, readers are able to engage with the document and assess whether or not they want to read the rest of it. Engaged readers are more willing to provide accurate contact info for your sales department to follow up with!

Follow what's happening at IMC on twitter, just search for #IMCYVR to keep up-to-date!

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