How Vitrium's 'Clear Use' Functionality Works

Companies that create, publish, and distribute content with a content security solution like Vitrium Security, are able to set parameters as to how their content is accessed. Vitrium customers control how and for how long content is accessible by setting limitations such as Expiration Controls (expiry date and expiry time limit after first unlock), Access Controls (online and offline access), Device/Browser Limits, and Print Control (limit of print copies) . 

Limits Reached - Reset Permissions

Once a user has reached any pre-set limit they will no longer be able to perform access or print the file unless you use Vitrium's Clear Use functionality to reset the limits. This functionality is a convenient way for administrators to reset security parameters for users in cases where there is legitimate cause for a user to have access to a file. 

Summary: How Vitrium's 'Clear Use' Functionality Works

When a user has reached their permission limits, you can manually clear the past usage so that their access rights are refreshed, and the content becomes accessible to them again.

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