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Education & Training

Vitrium offers different content protection solutions that protect your IP and digital content and allow you to securely distribute them.

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Educational & Training Content Security

Whether you are a content provider, a school, a training company, a training division, or an association, Vitrium offers solutions to protect and control your valuable intellectual property and digital content, including documents, videos, images, and audio files.  

Vitrium Security and VitriumOne are software solutions that allow educational & training companies or divisions to protect their IP, while growing sales. By transitioning to digital, you can expand your enrollments, your students, your trainees, your members, or your clients! 

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A Right Solution for Your Use Case

Vitrium empowers educational & training companies and divisions with the ability to share their valuable digital content with end users in a simple, yet secure and controlled way. Use Vitrium for protecting various types of content whether in video, document, audio or image form: 

  • Lessons and eBooks
  • Diploma and test prep programs
  • Training courses
  • Certification programs
  • Professional resources
  • Distance learning programs
  • Online courses
  • And more!
User or Group DRM Control

Benefits for Your Business

Vitrium's content protection and digital rights management (DRM) technology offers several benefits to educational & training content providers including: 

  • Preventing revenue loss due to copyright infringement or content theft
  • Tackling password-sharing and unauthorized content sharing
  • Facilitating digital transition and offering eLearning content
  • Scaling sales growth and enrollments
  • Reducing member and client loss due to free access to revenue-generating content
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Robust Protection and Control System

Protect your digital training or educational content and assign different permission levels to different users or groups with various DRM controls. Vitrium solutions offer: 

  • Military-grade encryption 
  • Print and copy controls
  • Expiry limits
  • Device and location limits
  • IP address limits
  • Customized watermarks (dynamic or plain text) 
  • Annotation and highlighting features
  • User activity tracking
  • Content analytics 


Seamless eLearning Content Distribution

Vitrium not only provides content protection and control but also streamlines eLearning content distribution. Whether you already have a system in place to automate content distribution such as a learning management system (LMS), or need a secure platform to offer your eLearning content across multiple client levels, Vitrium has the right solution for you.


Seamless Integration

Vitrium Security Enterprise integrates directly with your learning management system (LMS) like Canvas, Moodle, Docebo, LoudCloud, your website, marketplace applications, or student portal.



VitriumOne is a solution for companies who need a combination of an LMS with secure content distribution, or for clients who need to distribute their content across multiple client levels.


Branded Client Portal

Vitrium Security's client portal allows you to customize a secure library for your users where they can access their purchased content in one central-secure place. 

Case Studies


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IVES Training

Since 2014 IVES Training has relied on Vitrium Security to provide ironclad protection for their revenue-generating content. Through this long-standing business relationship, they found a solution that at once resolved their need to prevent customers from infringing on their copyright and intellectual property and other companies from stealing their content.

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Write2Spell2Read uses Vitrium Security to prevent its educational program materials from being distributed and used illegally
“Vitrium Security allows us to sell our product on a per-computer basis, so we have been able to limit the unauthorized use of our PDFs to levels that do not have an impact on our business.”

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See Vitrium Security in Action

See Vitrium Security in Action

Learn how easy it is to protect your valuable documents and images with a brief demonstration of the software.
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