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Protect your videos, documents, and images such as financial statements, implementation guides, installation manuals, and training materials with Vitrium's DRM technology.

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Protect Technology Resources

Technology companies provide solutions to businesses and customers to improve their productivity, operations, planning, and overall experiences. Whether you are a tech company that builds systems from scratch, licenses software, or services solutions, you have shareholders to communicate with, VARs to instruct, partners to co-ordinate, technicians and consultants to train, and customers to support.

Vitrium Security protects your videosdocuments, and images such as learning and training materials, implementation guides, installation manuals, technology reports, update guides, and any other content intended for restricted audiences, inside or outside the organization.

Protection & Control for Technology Resources
Protection & Control for Technology Resources

Protection & Control for Technology Resources

Vitrium Security protects your full range of videos and documents, such as installation guides, partner agreements, technology reports, manuals and proprietary materials.

  • Ensure only authorized customers can access content by controlling online and offline access, IP and device limits.
  • Track, revoke, or expire file access at any time – even after it has been downloaded or shared.
  • Customize dynamic watermarks to deter screenshots by including the user’s email or IP address.
  • Manage security permission for groups of users – ideal for projects, and different tiers of service offering.
  • Publish and share your secured content via a customizable user portal
Integration with Your Systems
Integration with Your Systems

Integration with Your Systems

Vitrium Security integrates with your content and customer authentication systems.

  • Market your publications through your website or eCommerce platform with seamless integration.
  • Integration with any 3rd party system, including document management, CRM, LMS, ECM, or Active Directory.
  • Single user login: when customers log-in to your system they automatically gain credentials to access files in their account.
Drill-Down Content and User Analytics
Drill-Down Content and User Analytics

Drill-Down Content and User Analytics

Access reports and drill-down analytics on content usage and security, at the user and content level to gain insights into the effectiveness of your content.

  • Access real-time analytical reports on subscriber and client content engagement
  • Track subscriber and client login activity (file opened, date, IP address, and more)
  • Analyze compounded user behaviors (video-view-rates, read-through-rate, pages viewed, etc.)
  • Page level analytics, graphic dashboard, and exportable reports
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iData Research turned to Vitrium Security, a robust document security & DRM solution, to help protect iData’s content. Vitrium Security protected iData’s valuable content through a range of security features that are crucial in protecting its revenue streams, as well as its copyrights. These features include password protection, watermarks, document tracking, and computer limits.

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Affordable Content Security

Affordable Content Security

From small to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises, Vitrium Security offers affordable content security solutions for all organization types.
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See Vitrium Security in Action

See Vitrium Security in Action

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