Automate & Integrate Your DRM Processes

Automate & integrate your DRM processes by leveraging Vitrium Security's APIs and integrate Vitrium's content security software with your website,
a document management system, content management system, eCommerce system, CRM system, learning management system (LMS), AMS, and more.

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Integrate with 3rd Party Systems via REST APIs

At the heart of Vitrium’s DRM solution is a set of robust encryption and security controls for protecting videosdocuments, and images. With its REST APIs, your technical team or Vitrium’s team can integrate Vitrium Security with a number of different 3rd party systems to automate your DRM & content security processing or automating the user authentication process.

A few examples our customers have used Vitrium’s API to integrate with other systems include:

Salesforce DRM IntegrationJive DRM IntegrationMagento DRM IntegrationMicrosoft Dynamics DRM Integration  


Audience Authentication and Authorization

Vitrium Security integrates with your existing system to automate user authentication and authorization, known as Single Sign-On functionality. When users of your content input their credentials into your system, the credentials are automatically checked with Vitrium’s servers and access granted or denied based on permissions established in your database. You can keep your user information and credentials as they are, without duplicating it on Vitrium Systems.
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Content Management and Workflow

Vitrium’s ironclad videodocument, and image security technology fits in as a component of a large document management or content distribution software project. Integrate Vitrium Security Enterprise to automate content management, settings, and versions, along with DRM policies, watermarks, and more. All processes related to adding security through encryption and DRM controls can be automated using Vitrium’s RESTful APIs.
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Use Your IT Team and Our APIs

No one is as familiar with your systems and workflow as your own internal team. For this reason, we have prepared a package of APIs that are readily available for your team to implement Vitrium Security within your system, including any integrations you may require. This way, your team can evolve the system as it sees fit. Our current APIs perform the following functions:

  • Automate user credentials for videodocument, and image access authentication and authorization
  • Content management and workflow automation
  • Manage document versions, DRM policies, settings, and watermarks
  • Retrieve reader activities, usage data, remote unlocks, and register SSO documents
  • and more!

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Engage Vitrium’s Implementation Team

Our Professional Services team has implemented Vitrium Security for hundreds of Enterprise customers, each with unique requirements and processes. Working closely with your team, project manager, or technology consultant, we determine the best option of deployment based on your security and workflow needs. Implementation projects cover:

  • Defining best method of deployment, whether hosted on Vitrium’s servers or installed On-Premise
  • Reviewing current APIs and integration possibilities
  • Analysis of current servers and database requirements
  • Training of system administrators and technical staff
  • Testing and support to ensure all project goals are achieved

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Systems Integrated with Vitrium

At the heart of our DRM solution is a set of robust encryption and security controls technology that can integrate with your existing processes and systems. Whether it be automating videodocument, and image generation and publishing, or integrating with your user database to automate user credential authentication, Vitrium Security Enterprise integrates seamlessly with your systems.


Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are software applications for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of educational courses or training programs. Vitrium Security integrates with your Learning Management System (LMS) to automate user authentication and authorization, as well as content generation, manipulation, and processes. We have successfully integrated Vitrium Security Enterprise with popular LMS systems like LoudCloud, ProProfs, and more.


Enterprise Collaboration Systems (ECS)

Enterprise Collaboration Systems is a system of communication for corporate employees or customers that facilitates document and knowledge sharing. ECS includes a mix of Internet, groupware, email, and various forms of software and hardware to create a collaborative environment between organizations and users. Vitrium Security integrates with your Enterprise Collaboration Systems. We have successfully integrated Vitrium Security Enterprise with popular ECS systems like Jive.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

A content management system (CMS) is a computer application that supports multiple users working on a collaborative environment creating and modifying digital content. Vitrium Security integrates with CMS to automate the protection and encryption of content being shared, as well as authenticating and authorizing to grant access to the right users.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Organizations of all sizes take advantage of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to capture, manage, store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. Vitrium Security integrates seamlessly with ECM systems, including M-Files, operating as the content security components in these technological environments.


Document Management System (DMS)

Document management systems (DMS) are useful in tracking, managing and storing documents, in addition to tracking and keeping logs of user interactions with documents. Vitrium Security integrates with DMS to add security, encryption and DRM controls to documents stored within these systems. We have seamlessly integrated Vitrium Security Enterprise with DMS systems such as SharePoint.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Vitrium’s ironclad videodocument, and image security technology integrates with CRM systems, taking the information stored in these databases to authenticate and authorize your audience to access your documents. Integrate Vitrium Security Enterprise to CRM systems like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and more, to automate content management and access.


Website, Intranet, or Web Portal

Integrate Vitrium Security with your website, Intranet, or Web Portal. Automate user authentication processes as well as your content protection and distribution workflow so that the moment you make a sale, your new client can access protected videosdocuments, and images from your website or Vitrium’s User Portal, or receive them via email. We can help you set up your website as an online store where your content files are protected but never out of reach for their rightful audience. We have successfully integrated Vitrium Security Enterprise with email delivery, TouchPoint, research portals, as well as homegrown and proprietary websites.

eCommerce or Shopping Cart System

For organizations distributing content via an eCommerce or Shopping Cart system, Vitrium Security integrates to automate video and PDF publishing, distribution, and access by authorized users. We work with your existing workflow to automate the encrypting, securing, and application of DRM controls to files on one end, and the distribution and access to users on the other. We have integrated Vitrium Security with various eCommerce and Shopping Cart Systems, such as Magento, InVision Power, and various proprietary or homegrown systems.


Membership or Association Management System (AMS)

Whether certifying industry professionals, providing education and training, publishing books and technical articles, or hosting exhibits and conferences – Associations provide valuable materials and content essential for the career and development of its members. If your association, club, or organization relies on Membership or Association Management Systems (such as Personify/TIMSS) you can integrate Vitrium Security to automate content protection and distribution processes, as well as member credential authentication and management.

Identity Management and Active Directory

Our Professional Services team has implemented Vitrium Security for hundreds of Enterprise customers, each with unique requirements and processes. Working closely with your team, project manager, or technology consultant, we determine the best option of deployment based on your security and workflow needs.


Authoring or Publishing System

In addition to all systems listed above, Vitrium Security’s RESTful APIs are set up to automate all processes you can control in the Vitrium Administrator portal. If you use an authoring or publishing system, odds are you can integrate Vitrium Security to automate uploading, application of security and DRM settings, and distribution. Vitrium Security also offers you user/audience management controls, or lets you integrate with your current systems so that your user database is not duplicated.

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