Vitrium PDF Protection & Control

Do you have PDFs, digital assets, or copyrighted content that you need to protect?Vitrium empowers publishers, editors, and content providers to protect their intellectual property (IP).

PDF Protection With DRM Controls

Solutions for Content Protection & DRM

Vitrium pdf protection software ensures your IP is not copied, downloaded, or shared with unauthorized users. And you remain in complete control:

  • Protect your PDFs & convert them to a secure web format
  • Prevent printing, downloading, copying or sharing
  • Set expiry dates, device limits, & open limits
  • Access content in a browser, a user portal, or your website 
  • Integrate with 3rd party systems
  • Provide single sign-on (SSO) access
  • Identify who is accessing your PDFs, when, where, & how
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Why Protect Your PDFs?

Your PDFs are valuable to you. They may be a source of revenue. They may be confidential or sensitive.
With Vitrium PDF protection software, you can:


Prevent Content


Protect IP &
Bottom Line


Maintain Complete Control

Vitrium offers different document security solutions, which all include these great features!


Strong Protection / Encryption

When you upload your documents in Vitrium, they get protected with AES encryption. With numerous DRM options at your control, you can choose whether to allow or prevent printing, copying, downloading or screen sharing. You can also add dynamic user-identifying watermarks.


Seamless User Access

Vitrium does not require any plug-ins or third party apps. Secure documents are quick and easy to access with Vitrium's secure web viewer. The viewer includes extensive annotation capabilities, offline access, extensive search, and different page layouts for reading content.


Secure PDF Distribution

Share PDFs with authorized users only. Start as simple as copying a web link in an email. Or distribute PDFs via a custom user portal. Or connect Vitrium to a 3rd party system to automate your workflows and offer users single sign-on (SSO) access with this system.


PDF Tracking & Analytics

Gain valuable insight into how your users are accessing and consuming your PDFs. Identify who is accessing your content, when, where and how. Learn what your top performing PDFs are, who your most active users are, and make informed decisions based on this.

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