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Benefits of Vitrium Security

If you earn money from your content, have sensitive information, or risk losing money from a potential document leak,
it's worth it to protect your valuable, sensitive or confidential files with Vitrium's content security software.

About Vitrium Security

Get Content Security That Travels

Your content travels – by email, on file sharing sites, mobile devices, and other means – if that content contains intellectual property that you earn money from, or it’s confidential in nature and you wish to protect it, then the content security that you apply to it should also travel. That’s where Vitrium Security comes in.

Vitrium’s powerful Enterprise Content Security software protects Video, PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and Image files no matter where they go. The bonus: your users don’t require any apps or plug-ins to download to gain access to the content.

Protect Your Revenue Streams

Protect Your Revenue Streams

Vitrium Security empowers companies to protect revenue generated through content sales, or content that contains copyright information. Videos, documents, and images are secured with high-grade encryption but still easy for users to gain access to the content. Vitrium’s content security software can be used for many types of content:

  • Instructional and educational videos
  • Private screening and restricted movie files
  • eBooks
  • Training materials
  • Market & price reports
  • Research reports
  • Standards and code documents
  • Strata and other property-related documents
  • Photos, designs, graphics
  • And much more!
Control at Your Fingertips

Control at Your Fingertips

With Vitrium Security, you are in complete control. Choose from a variety of content control and digital rights management settings including print and copy control for documents, view restrictions for video, custom watermarks, browser and open limits, expiry dates, IP restrictions, and more. Additionally, with Vitrium’s content security software, you can:

  • Set up users and groups
  • Apply DRM policies
  • Control who has access
  • Change control at any time
  • Revoke content at any time
  • Track user activity
  • And much more!
Offer Easy Access for Your Users

Offer Easy Access for Your Users

With Vitrium Security, users can view their content from any device – desktop, tablet or smartphone – without requiring any apps or plug-ins to download. Vitrium offers two secured outputs with  its content security software – a secured web link for videos, documents, and images, as well as a secured PDF file for documents and images. There are a variety of different ways to distribute the content including:

  • Publish on your website, Intranet or other web portal
  • Leverage Vitrium’s customizable client portal
  • Upload secured files to your network or cloud account
  • Send files or links via email or file sharing system
  • Post to a content or document management system
  • Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities are also available
Gain Incredible Insight & Analytical Data

Gain Incredible Insight & Analytical Data

Monitor the effectiveness of your secured content with information about what files are being opened or viewed, by whom, for how long, on what date and time, from which IP address, machine ID and browser or application. With Vitrium’s enhanced analytics in its content security software, you can get more granular information such as the time spent on content, pages or videos viewed, amount of content consumed, and so on.

  • View information at a glance via the dashboard
  • Drill into more detail in the reports
  • View user activity for any specific file or date range
  • Analyze total content views, pages viewed, time spent
  • Export any report to Excel for further analysis
  • Drill down into a specific file or user
Get a Tailored, Yet Affordable Solution

Get a Tailored, Yet Affordable Solution

A content security software or DRM solution may be all that you’re looking for to protect your content but it may also be one piece of the puzzle – part of a new or revised content strategy involving a new website, new eCommerce system, new LMS. Vitrium has the capability to support a variety of different needs and our experienced professional services team will work with you to determine this, even before you buy!

  • Get started today with our cloud-hosted solution
  • Connect with our team to identify all the other moving parts
  • Get your technical team to review our APIs
  • Consult with Vitrium’s team to review your DRM or content strategy
  • Integrate Vitrium Security with your other systems
  • Set up Vitrium DRM to work with your overall content workflow
Integrate Seamlessly With Other Systems

Integrate Seamlessly With Other Systems

Vitrium can work with your team, a systems integrator, or other consultant to implement and integrate Vitrium Security in your business with any 3rd party or homegrown system. Leverage our APIs or work closely with our professional services team to integrate with:

  • Active Directory, SQL Server, or other databases
  • Document management and ECM systems like SharePoint or Box
  • eCommerce systems like Magento or Shopify
  • Learning management systems like Blackboard or LoudCloud
  • CRM systems like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Association management systems like Personify
  • Websites, Intranets and other web portals
  • Any proprietary or 3rd party system
See Vitrium Security in Action

See Vitrium Security in Action

Learn how easy it is to protect your valuable documents and images with a brief demonstration of the software.
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