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Enterprise DRM (Digital Rights Management) Solutions

Protect your videos, documents, and images, and automate your processes with Vitrium Security Enterprise Edition .
Leverage Vitrium's RESTful APIs or have the Vitrium team implement and automate enterprise DRM in your business as part of your overall content strategy.

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Scalable DRM to Meet Your Needs

Vitrium Security offers any sized business the ability to have enterprise DRM implemented within their IT environment without breaking the bank. Get all the same powerful digital rights management (DRM) controls that you would expect from ‘one of the big guys’ but with the affordable pricing and personalized attention that Vitrium can offer. Vitrium Security is used by businesses around the world to protect thousands of documents, images audio and video files with military-grade encryption, extensive DRM controls, and detailed tracking & analytics.

Advanced DRM Functionality
Advanced DRM Functionality

Advanced DRM Functionality

Protect a wide variety of documents, images, audio and video content:
User & storage limits vary by scale of project
Take advantage of Vitrium’s robust enterprise DRM technology to secure files that contain confidential or sensitive information, or content that you sell or earn money from through subscriptions or some other means. Other features include:

  • Military grade 256-bit AES encryption
  • Password, print, copy and watermark control
  • Extensive set of DRM policies for controlling user access
  • Set expiry dates, PDF or browser limits, print limits, open limits and more
  • No messy apps or plug-ins for your customers to download to view your protected content
  • Configurable staff roles & permissions
  • Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities with your website or 3rd party system
  • Automated content processing and user authentication via APIs
  • Wide range of analytics and tracking
  • Scalable solution to meet your demands today and in the future
Integration & Automated Workflows
Integration & Automated Workflows

Integration & Automated Workflows

For companies that require enterprise DRM integrated with their website or another 3rd party system for SSO authentication, content automation or more, Vitrium Security Enterprise Edition may be the ideal solution. With its RESTful APIs, the system can be integrated with virtually any 3rd party system including:

  • Databases and servers like Active Directory or SQL Server
  • Content management systems like SharePoint or Box
  • eCommerce systems like Magento or Shopify
  • Learning management systems like Blackboard or LoudCloud
  • CRM systems like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics
  • Association management systems like Personify and others
  • Client websites, Intranets or other portals

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Leverage APIs or Use Vitrium Team
Leverage APIs or Use Vitrium Team

Leverage APIs or Use Vitrium Team

If you have a well-equipped technical team, whether internal or outsourced, they can leverage Vitrium’s extensive APIs and documentation to connect Vitrium with other systems or to set up automated processes. Or you can take advantage of Vitrium’s experienced professional services team who have done hundreds of implementations. Here’s what you get with Vitrium’s team:

  • Experienced team that delivers projects on time and within budget
  • Communicates with you throughout the project
  • Provides support before, during and after implementation
  • Follows up with training and other services that you may require
  • Can offer additional assistance when moving or upgrading a server, and more

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Add Video Security and DRM Platform
Add Video Security and DRM Platform

Add Video Security and DRM Platform

Protect various video file formats, including: MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, AVI, and MKV
Vitrium offers you a robust set of Video Security and Digital Rights Management technology. Video files uploaded to Vitrium Security are automatically password protected and encrypted with the latest 256-bit AES encryption. Only users you specify can access and view secured videos. Digital Rights Management controls are also applied, including Dynamic Watermarks, Expiration Controls, Open Limits, and IP Address restrictions, giving you, the video creators, owners, or distributors, full management control over how their videos are accessed and distributed.

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See Vitrium Security in Action

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