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Vitrium Security is designed to service the needs of small to medium-sized businesses with its robust file security system and digital rights management (DRM) controls. Our customizable client portal lets you provide access to secured documents in a single place. We provide you the login platform, credentials and document management tools, and URL for easy access to those accessing your documents, while you control and track how those documents are accessed and used. Start protecting your clients’ confidential or sensitive documents in a secure manner with military-grade encryption that travels with the document.

Manage Your Deals With Ease
Manage Your Deals With Ease

Manage Your Deals With Ease

With Vitrium Security, you can secure your files, maintain control at all times, analyze how your files are being consumed, all while providing easy access for the right people to documents via Vitrium’s customizable user portal. You define who can access which documents, and users log-in to your Vitrium provided Virtual Data Room to access all their files.

  • For larger projects, we integrate Vitrium Security with other systems that your business uses
  • Secure files, manage users or groups, apply DRM controls and policies within a central administrative portal
  • Track, revoke, or expire file access at any time – even after it has been downloaded or shared
  • Analyze who’s opening the files, when, how long, what pages are being viewed, and more
  • Provide easy access to secured files with mobile and web-friendly links
Customizable Virtual Data Room
Customizable Virtual Data Room

Customizable Virtual Data Room

Assign user access permission to documents and instantly share them on our customizable user portal. Easy to manage and update, it’s a secured virtual data room where your audience uses their login credentials to access all documents related to their account.

  • Easily set up a secured data room with your company logo, colors, and a customizable URL to share with audience
  • Stay in control of confidential documents by managing permissions from admin panel
  • Easy access and authentication with single sign-on for all documents
  • Quickly update, replace, or revoke documents at the user level
  • Gain insight into when and how your clients are opening the files with extensive analytical reports
Advanced DRM Functionality
Advanced DRM Functionality

Advanced DRM Functionality

Take advantage of Vitrium’s robust DRM technology to keep control and secure files that contain confidential or sensitive information, or content that you sell or earn money from through subscriptions or some other means.

  • Military grade 256-bit AES encryption for PDF and Office files
  • Extensive set of DRM policies for setting user controls
  • No messy apps or plug-ins for your customers to download to gain access to your content
  • Scalable solution to meet your demands today and in the future
Integration With 3rd Party Systems
Integration With 3rd Party Systems

Integration With 3rd Party Systems

For companies that already have systems in place, either for document management or user authentication, Vitrium Security is the protection component that lets you create a secure environment for your must crucial and confidential data. Vitrium Security can be integrated with virtually any third-party system or database, including:

  • Document management systems
  • Content management or ECM systems
  • File sharing systems (FSS)
  • eCommerce or other shopping cart systems
  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Websites, Intranets or other web portals
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TitleVest is a title insurance agency headquartered in New York that chose Vitrium Security to protect its content because it does not require the end user to download any plug-ins or additional software to view protected documents. Vitrium-secured content can be accessed with Adobe Reader, a popular PDF viewing application, or with a web browser on any type of device – desktop, mobile or tablet.

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Affordable Content Security

Affordable Content Security

From small to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises, Vitrium Security offers affordable content security solutions for all organization types.
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See Vitrium Security in Action

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