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With Vitrium you have the freedom to choose the solution that best suits your organization's needs depending on your content goals. The COVID-19 pandemic required content providers to transition to digital, shining a light on the need to protect their valuable intellectual property, the lifeblood of their company. Vitrium offers different solutions for content providers and training companies to protect their digital content and solve their distribution challenges.


Vitrium Security

Vitrium Security provides you with ironclad content protection for your valuable intellectual property. You can ensure your revenue-generating content is thoroughly protected while being easily accessible to your users.


Keep your content exclusive to paying, authorized users by protecting it with different DRM policies such as: device limits, IP address limits, printing restrictions, location restrictions, and offline access capabilities.


With Vitrium's Professional Edition use Vitrium Security out of the box with a customized end-user portal, or choose the Enterprise Edition to integrate it with your Learning Management System (LMS), eCommerce system, or any other third-party system you might use.



VitriumOne, a solution provided by Vitrium and its partner, Blue Flamingo Solutions, gives you the content protection capabilities of Digital Rights Management (DRM), with the sharing and distribution capabilities of a Learning Management System (LMS).


With this solution, you can protect your educational or training content from unauthorized sharing, downloading, copying and printing, as well as distribute your materials across a multi-channel network.


Offer a personalized portal experience for different customer types to access your content. If selling to a company or a distributor, allow an administrator to disseminate the content to their respective users without you needing to manage this. Connect VitriumOne with your e-commerce system or website for single sign-on (SSO) access or a streamlined experience.

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Protect & Manage Content

Protect & Organize Content

Keep your intellectual property safe and prevent unauthorized sharing, downloading, printing or copying. Manage and organize your content the way you choose!


Manage Users & Permissions

Add users and control their access with different DRM controls. Each solution provides different methods for handling user permissions. 


Securely Distribute Content

Securely Distribute Content 

Distribute your valuable intellectual property and digital content through a highly customized secure web portal that offers different access methods.

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