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A content protection and distribution solution that allows you to seamlessly distribute your content across different customer levels.



Secure Content Distribution Made Easy

VitriumOne, a solution from Vitrium Systems and Blue Flamingo Solutions, is a secure content distribution system (CDS) that protects your revenue-generating intellectual property or digital content whether it's in video, document, audio or image form. VitriumOne is a perfect fit for those who need elements of a learning management system (LMS) with the ability to distribute content across a hierarchical user structure in a secure and controlled manner.

Protect & Manage Content

Protect & Organize Content

Keep your content safe and prevent unauthorized sharing, downloading, printing or copying. Manage and organize your content into different lessons, courses, modules or whatever hierarchy you choose!


Manage Users & Permissions

Add different customer types whether it's a school district /teacher / student,  a corporation / trainer / trainee, or church / pastor / member. You choose the type of customer levels and control their access with different DRM permissions. 

Securely Distribute Content

Securely Distribute Content 

Distribute your protected IP and digital content to different customer types using a highly customized secure web portal that offers different access methods including 5-digit access codes, self-registration, or single sign-on (SSO) options. 

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Secure Content Distribution

With VitriumOne, distribute your digital content and IP across different customer levels with maximum control and easy administration.

  • Grant different permission levels to your paid or licensed customers using different DRM controls. 

  • Allow your customers, distributors, school districts, or facilitators to disseminate licensed content to their respective users, trainees or students without requiring you to manage the administration.

  • Provide end users access to your protected content from a highly customized and branded web portal using a simple access code, or through self-registration, or via SSO access that's connected to a 3rd party system. 

Offer Seamless User Experience

Users today demand instant and easy access - no mess, no fuss. VitriumOne makes accessing your digital content so simple for users.

  • Send a web URL with a simple 5-digit access code or allow users to self-register with their email address, a username or auto-generated password. 

  • Customize the web portal for different customer types so you can add more detailed descriptions for admins and facilitators but easy, simple-to-follow instructions for students and trainees. 

  • Protected digital content is available in a modern web viewer format with features such as bookmarks, full text search, highlighting and annotation tools. 

Permission & Content Management

VitriumOne leverages a typical LMS structure combined with Vitrium's best-of-breed digital rights management (DRM) capabilities. 

  • Upload, manage and organize your content into different lessons, modules or courses, or work with Vitrium's partner, Blue Flamingo Solutions to create your own content structure.  

  • Every content uploaded is protected with Vitrium's encryption technology and you choose what DRM permissions (expiry date, device limits, etc.) you want to assign to different customer types.

  • Connect VitriumOne to your preferred eCommerce system in order to streamline the purchase process. If unsure which eCommerce system is the right for you, consult with Vitrium's partner, Blue Flamingo Solutions. 

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