Video DRM & Control

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Vitrium Security is a complete Video Security, DRM, Storage, and Playback Platform

Vitrium offers Video Encryption and DRM to video creators, owners and distributors, empowering them to control how video content is consumed. Companies that sell, market, or distribute online video content rely on Vitrium’s Video to protect their revenue generating content.

With robust security technology and Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls, Vitrium ensures content is distributed in a personal and non-transferable manner. Simply upload videos to Vitrium to instantly add layers of protection and generate a Secure Web Link to be sent via email, embedded to a website, or uploaded to any online video marketplace or distribution platform. For companies looking to securely share confidential video content with a defined audience, Vitrium is the place to securely store, stream, and share video files for online playback with Vitrium’s Video Player.

 Vitrium for Video Security


Secure HTML5 Video Player & Transcoding
Video files uploaded to Vitrium are available for distribution to users through Vitrium’s secure Video Player, ensuring maximum format compatibility with any device and browser. Our solution uses advanced processing and scalable cloudbased transcoding technology to deliver high-quality video to any desktop or device with an Internet browser. Vitrium prepares and delivers various adaptive bitrate streaming versions, and includes tools like bookmarks and playback speed controls, delivering the best playback experience to your audience. Vitrium optimizes your video delivery so your videos are available in the resolution that best matches your audience’s viewing resources, all while keeping your content secured.



Secure Video Storage and Delivery
Host your videos with Vitrium and reduce your storage for secured video files. When your video files are encrypted and secured, new versions of the file are created and stored in secure cloud servers for increased security and faster delivery. This common process in video security can lead to increased costs in storage and delivery, but Vitrium’s compression technology ensures that fewer and smaller renditions of your secured video file are created and stored without compromising data security or playback performance, lowering your costs of storage and video delivery.

reports and analyticsVideo Analytics and Data-Driven Insights
Understand how your video content is being accessed and viewed by your audience. Vitrium tracks audience engagement with your video content, letting you know which of your content is successful in reaching and engaging specific users. Vitrium’s analytics dashboards give you insight into who is accessing your content, from what location, what device or browser videos are viewed on, and how long your audience is watching each
                          video, so that you can make the best data-driven decisions about your content.

IntegrationLeverage Your Existing Technology with Integration & Automated Workflows
Vitrium can work with your team, or a systems integrator, to implement and integrate Vitrium in your business with any 3rd party or homegrown system. Leverage our APIs or work closely with our professional services team to integrate with:

• Active Directory, SQL Server, or other databases
• Document management and ECM systems like SharePoint
• eCommerce systems like Magento or Shopify
• Learning management systems like Blackboard or LoudCloud
• CRM systems like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics
• Association management systems like Personify
• Websites, Intranets and other web portals


How Vitrium Works

addfiles-iconAdd Files
Add your content to Vitrium Security and the system will apply high-security encryption. Acceptable file types include video formats (MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, AVI, and MKV), documents (PDF, DOC/ODT, XLS/ODS, PPT/ ODP, RTF, and TXT), and popular image files                               (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIF).

about-partners-iconAdd Users & Groups
Select the audience for your content. Decide who can access your secured files, place them in user groups, or leave them as individual recipients. Vitrium can also be integrated with your own user credential system.

protection-icon-oApply Security & Controls
Protect your files with 128-bit AES encryption and control access by setting different restrictions – viewing limits, browser limits, concurrent users limits, expiry dates, IP address limits and more. Block printing & copying, and insert dynamic watermarks.

securefilesharing-icon-orangeShare With Users
Publish, share, or embed your secured content as a Secure Web Link or Secure PDF file (for documents and images) via a your website, client portal, through email or company network, eCommerce site, document management system, CRM, AMS, or any 3rd party                                 system.

integrate-orange We can help you integrate Vitrium Security into any system you might be using.



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