Image Protection & DRM

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Vitrium supports protection, control and digital rights management (DRM) for images. Protect your valuable or confidential images with Vitrium's encryption and DRM controls.  

Your images will be converted to a protected web format that can be distributed easily by email, posted on your website, or another 3rd party system such as a content management system, eCommerce site, or more. Apply a watermark, prevent printing or copying, and set different DRM controls to control user access. 

Catalog and distribute images through Vitrium’s Secure Client Portal, where your audience can access all files in one place. Simply upload image files to Vitrium’s dashboard to apply encryption and DRM controls, in addition to gathering data and a analytics into how files are used and accessed.

Vitrium for Image Security

Secure Client Portal IconShare Images in Secure Client Portal: Vitrium Secure Client Portal can be set up within minutes, and lets you share all protected images with designated users. Organize and catalog images with Vitrium’s Content Tag Management functionality, making it easy for your audience to search and preview images associated with their accounts. All permission settings for users and content, including dynamic watermarks, can be applied to your images as well. 


Image DRM Controls: With Vitrium Security, you are in complete control. Choose from a variety of image control and digital rights management settings including print and copy control, custom watermarks, browser limits, expiry dates, and more. Additionally, with Vitrium’s content security software, you can set printing, copying, highlighting & annotation controls, customize watermarks and apply dynamic data to them, customize login forms, settings, policies, and set expiry dates or revoke access at any time.


 documents-icon-oGain Insight & Analytical Data: Monitor user activity and learn how content is being consumed by gathering data on: what files are being opened, by whom, on what date and time, from which IP address, machine ID and browser or application. With Vitrium’s enhanced analytics, you can view information at a glance via the dashboard, drill into more detail with customizable reports, view user activity for any specific file or date range, analyze total content views, pages viewed and time spent on content file, export any report to Excel for further analysis, and drill down into a specific file or user.

Integrate Seamlessly With Other Systems: Vitrium can work with your team, or a systems integrator, to implement and integrate Vitrium in your business with any 3rd party or homegrown system. Leverage our APIs or work closely with our professional services team to integrate with Active Directory, SQL Server, or other databases; Document management and ECM systems like SharePoint; eCommerce systems like Magento or Shopify; Learning management systems like Blackboard or LoudCloud; CRM systems like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics; Association management systems like Personify; Websites, Intranets and other web portals; Any proprietary or 3rd party system. 


How Vitrium Security Works

addfiles-iconAdd Files
Add your content to Vitrium and the system will apply high-security encryption. Acceptable file types include video formats (MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, AVI, and MKV), documents (PDF, DOC/ODT, XLS/ODS, PPT/ ODP, RTF, and TXT), and popular image files                               (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, and TIF).

about-partners-iconAdd Users & Groups
Select the audience for your content. Decide who can access your secured files, place them in user groups, or leave them as individual recipients. Vitrium can also be integrated with your own user credential system.

protection-icon-oApply Security & Controls
Protect your files with 128-bit AES encryption and control access by setting different restrictions – viewing limits, browser limits, concurrent users limits, expiry dates, IP address limits and more. Block printing & copying, and insert dynamic watermarks.

securefilesharing-icon-orangeShare With Users
Publish, share, or embed your secured content as a Secure Web Link or Secure PDF file (for documents and images) via a your website, client portal, through email or company network, eCommerce site, document management system, CRM, AMS, or any 3rd party                                 system.

integrate-orange We can help you integrate Vitrium Security into any system you might be using.



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