Lyme and Cancer Services (LCS)

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LCS uses Vitrium Security to provide user-friendly secured eBooks to its healthcare patients.

“We needed to streamline our eBook process and maintain user-friendly access for our clients – cloud and HTML5-based documents was the way to go. We switched from another DRM provider to Vitrium Security because it offered web-friendly secured documents with no plug-ins or apps to download.” - Brendan Fillar, Wellness Advisor

Company Overview

Lyme and Cancer Services gives guidance to people who have Lyme disease or cancer and are considering hyperthermia treatment at specialized clinics in Germany. They also provide support and educational materials to patients that have these diseases.

Key Challenges

As an organization that has two primary documents – one for patients with Lyme disease and another for patients with cancer – it is imperative that they find a solution that offers seamless distribution of these documents without the complications of having to download any applications or plug-ins.

Prior to choosing Vitrium as their digital rights management (DRM) solution to protect their educational materials, Lyme and Cancer Services used another solution that required users to download encrypted PDF files. This process was proven too cumbersome and limiting as the documents were originally intended to be readable and accessible like regular eBooks.

The Solution – Vitrium Security

After experiencing a painful encryption process, Lyme and Cancer Services sought out a seamless and hassle-free DRM solution. “We have two very important materials that focus on supporting and educating patients with Lyme disease or cancer” states Brendan Fillar, Lyme and Cancer Services’ Wellness Advisor. “Therefore, we needed a simple DRM solution that didn’t require downloading any plug-ins and where the documents could behave like regular eBooks.” Fortunately they came across Vitrium’s DRM and document protection solution, Vitrium Security.

Vitrium Security works with the programs and methods readers already use, like Adobe Reader for viewing PDF files on a desktop, and any modern web browser for viewing documents on tablets or other mobile devices. Users don’t need to download additional applications or plug-ins to view the protected documents.

“We needed to streamline our process while keeping access to our documents user-friendly for our clients – cloud and HTML5 based documents was the way to go," states Mr. Fillar. "We ended up switching over to Vitrium Security because it met all our requirements – it was plug-in free and it had the option of viewing our protected documents online.”

Using Vitrium Security, Lyme and Cancer Services are able to control the distribution of its copyrighted eBooks by setting user access permissions and utilize powerful DRM features like password control, copy and print control, digital expiry, device limits, true watermarking and more.

Lyme and Cancer Services was also attracted to Vitrium Security's tracking and reporting features that allow them to see which clients are accessing their content. They can use these metrics to improve the effectiveness of their content and ensure they are reaching their clients.

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