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The company uses Vitrium Security to protect its electronic systems design training materials.

“Vitrium Security provides a seamless reading experience for our students without requiring any plug-ins or apps to download. It's also easy for our team to use and we can apply the right level of security to our documents, thus preserving our revenue streams." - Matt Bridle, Doulos

Company Overview

Doulos has set the industry standard for developing and delivering high quality training and know-how in electronic system design and verification for 25 years, covering languages and methodologies for system, hardware, and embedded software designers.

Key Challenges

Doulos made the right decision to go digital with their training program and offer electronic copies of their training materials instead of dealing with the high costs of printing and mailing. Even before rolling out this process to their students, they had anticipated the need to secure their digital content and implement an effective digital rights management (DRM) strategy, but the challenge lay in selecting the right DRM software that would be hassle-free for their students.

In their search for a suitable solution, they came across Vitrium Security. Their main objective for seeking out a DRM solution was to protect their copyrighted training materials, eliminating intellectual property theft and unauthorized file sharing, and preserving their revenue streams.

The Solution – Vitrium Security

Finding the right DRM solution proved to be a more challenging endeavor for Doulos than they initially thought, primarily because they were looking for something that wouldn’t be complicated for their students to use.

“We wanted a solution that would provide a seamless reading experience for our students but also that would be easy for us to use and apply the right level of security to our documents to preserve our revenues," states Matt Bridle of Doulos. "That’s when we found Vitrium Security. The solution had a nice, user-friendly interface, and the secured documents could be unlocked and viewed with Adobe Reader without the use of plug-ins or 3rd party applications. This was important for us and the primary reason for selecting Vitrium Security.”

New DRM Process

The Doulos team has developed a simple, yet streamlined process for working with Vitrium Security. They upload new training materials into the document security system whenever a new revision of an online course is to be taught, approximately 10 times per year. Each secured PDF document is then uploaded to their website and accessed by hundreds of registered students. They are able to provide their students with a straightforward way to access their digital training materials, while still preventing potential loss of revenue from copying and unauthorized file sharing. Vitrium Security ended up being this right fit.

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