Associations: Advocating for and Distributing National and Global Standards for Industry

Standards are a pillar and a driving force in the development of technology, processes, and products that transform the way we live, work, and communicate. Associations play an important role in determining, developing, and distributing national and global standards for those affiliated with an industry. By sourcing the most advanced knowledge available, organizing it into publications, and disseminating standards, an association helps unify and dictate the impact the industry has on the world at large.


Published standards establish specifications and procedures, and address a broad range of safety issues, from improving the product or process to ensuring that it is compatible and able to interact with other products and processes. A digital rights management like Vitrium Security allows associations to control how standards are accessed, distributed, and used. By securing the content, associations protect revenues and are able to reinvest in the continued development of updated standards for processes and operations within the industry.


In addition, a digital rights management solution like Vitrium Security allows associations to control how documents containing codes and standards are accessed, distributed, and used. It empowers an organization to monetize the distribution of publications, to offset publication costs, and to reinvest in the development of updated standards for processes and operations within an industry. As standards make it easier and cheaper for organizations to access new markets and technologies, they benefit not only consumers, but also companies, and are valuable documents that merit protection and control by those that own it.


With a varied audience, the page and user-level analytics of content usage present in DRM solutions like Vitrium Security can be used as intelligence to determine not only what goes on future publications, but also which direction the industry should be heading.


Customer Story: Providing Global Construction Codes And Standards.

One of our first customers, this international association specializes in providing construction and building codes for a highly-diversified audience. Their operations are concentrated around developing standards for all areas of the industry, and these have been widely adopted through the United States and international communities. The standards and codes compiled and published by our customer benefit public safety and do away with local restrictions in access to a reliable set of code and practices.


First investing in document security and DRM technology to secure PDF-based eBooks, our client now continues to use Vitrium Security’s technology to sell and distribute building codes and standards through its eCommerce website – a highly customized version of Magento’s eCommerce solution that has been integrated with Vitrium Security. Members of this association visit the site, select the document they wish to purchase, and once the purchase is complete, they receive a purchase confirmation that contains a unique serial number and link to download a Vitrium secured PDF.

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