PDF files might be considered safer choice than Word documents

Organizations looking to ensure top-notch document protection might consider the advantages of portable document format (PDF) files. While some businesses focus primarily on saving documents in Microsoft Word, using PDF files could deliver a viable solution to organizations across the country.

Additional security
With PDF DRM tools, people can prevent unauthorized users from accessing secure documents. It's easy to establish protective measures that enable document lockdown and limit potential security threats.

The PDF file includes an advanced set of features that help keep it safe. Companies can create attractive, professional documents and can guarantee their content and data remains safe, regardless of the circumstances.

Meanwhile, Word fails to effectively provide these benefits. Bright Hub notes that this software is a top seller, but this could make it more prone to virus attacks. In fact, this solution is more susceptible to malware and viruses than most other software on the market.

Word documents do not have the same security features as PDF files, which could allow unauthorized users to quickly gain access to secure information. Organizations that want top-notch security for their resources might want to consider password protection and digital signatures to further enhance PDF security.

PDF files give people the opportunity to password protect their files, reducing the risks from malware and viruses. This high-quality software offers effective security that can help ensure the quality and integrity of a document.

Extra capabilities
PDF files are capable of maintaining original documents while preserving the source file information. This allows users to save full-color graphics, 3D images, video and other multimedia easily. Additionally, PDF files use advanced compression algorithms, which makes it simple for people to add images, sound and video content without having to worry about the size of the file.

Microsoft Word works differently, as meta information gets saved within a Word file. This increases the file's size, and people might need extra storage to hold these files.

The source notes that a document the size of a Word file could expand to several megabytes depending on its content. While this may not make an immediate impact, it could overload a computer's hard drive over an extended period of time.

Consider the advantages of PDF files to Microsoft Word documents when developing content for an organization. While it might seem easier to use Word to save documents, PDF files deliver benefits that could help businesses maintain security and maximize integrity. 

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