Associations: How to Securely Distribute Market Intelligence, Industry Reports, and Publications

Any business or association that produces market intelligence reports, industry reports, or any other type of intelligence documents will be interested in learning how to encrypt and protect it from being shared, copied, or stolen.

We focus this article on associations, but this use case is applicable to any publisher of business intelligence reports. Associations aim to improve the conditions of the shared marketplace by fostering collaboration between key figures and companies within their industry. Although competitors in these marketplaces, companies and individual members share in the obstacles and threats to succeed in a given industry. By allying with one another they can share resources, find solutions to problems, and increase visibility into the market through intelligence reports.


Global events like the introduction of new markets for exports or operations can also offer unique opportunities for associations to guide members into mutually beneficial coalitions. It can also mean that as the association progresses towards a forum where common problems are discussed and new strategies created to tackle logistic and legislative challenges, new intelligence is required in the form of industry, market, policy, and intelligence reports.


Whether it collects data and information to compile its own reports, or it hires out expensive outside consultants and experts to provide market reports and intelligence for members, an association invests heavily in and processes valuable documents that warrant some control as to who can access these. What happens if unauthorized users access to your valuable market report and document? It is very critical for an organization to have an enterprise document security solution in place. With Vitrium Security, it empowers associations to protect their investment in intelligence report as well as control and track the way it is distributed within its member base.


Customer Story: Investing in Intelligence Reports for Members

One of our customers, that recently upgraded to the latest version of Vitrium Security, is a national transportation association that advocates for the safety and profitability of its members. As one of the largest associations in an industry that has multi-layered and various overlapping associations competing for members, it continues to find new ways to provide services and support.


Eyeing the development of the industry and the success of companies that form its membership roster, it invests in intelligence documents and reports to secure its position as a thought leader.


This association has found a way to market intelligence report to members and nonmembers. Through their website, they sell transportation-related reports on topics like economics, trends, salaries and compensation. Using Vitrium Security they have integrated with the popular Association Management Systems (AMS) Personify, to automatically access login credentials a from a single database. This means that once a member or non-member buys their desired report, the process of delivering the document as well as the authentication and authorization for the users happens automatically. The protected PDF and secured weblink is delivered to the end-user and the association’s investment in intelligence reports is protected as these cannot be shared.


Seamless user experience makes Vitrium Security such a great fit, including:

  • No plug-ins or apps required for users to access content
  • Publish and share secured content via a customizable user portal
  • Web & mobile-friendly access with Vitrium’s HTML5 web viewer
  • Compatibility with Adobe Reader & Acrobat PDF viewers
  • Easy to use administrator interface

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