Course Beetle Protects Digital Content With Vitrium Security

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"I would 100% recommend Vitrium, and do so frequently! It has taken our operations up a level and allowed us to resolve the protection & distribution problems we had." 

-Dot Reeves, Course Beetle Company Director


Company Overview

Based in the UK, the team at Course Beetle have over 30 years of experience in the specialist training provider field. They serve the practitioner community involved in the support of individuals with speech, language, and communication needs. As a training organization, they are guided by emerging research and development within their sector for the specialist training courses they provide.





The Challenge

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, Course Beetle had to find an alternative to the physical training guides they provide, looking to manage the transition from paper-based delegate materials to fully digitized systems. They needed a way to easily distribute their digital content to users, while ensuring their intellectual property was exclusive to their paying customers. For Course Beetle, it was crucial to find a solution that enabled them to confirm that content had successfully reached their customers, and provided an exceptional user experience.


“The global pandemic forced us into the online space and we urgently needed to pivot from physical distribution to digital."
-Dot Reeves, Course Beetle Company Director


The Solution 

Course Beetle now relies on Vitrium DRM to easily and securely distribute the training materials associated with their virtual live and “view anytime” courses. They protect their intellectual property, and keep their revenue secure.

Vitrium DRM software enables Course Beetle to protect their digital training content while offering a highly professional experience to their customers. Their users enjoy a sleek, modern user interface, and can easily access content without the need to download any plug-ins or third party apps.

They rely on Vitrium’s DRM settings & analytic tools:

  • Copy and print limits
  • Dynamic watermarks
  • Expiry settings
  • Group-specific permissions
  • User activity log



They safely distribute content to their users via:

  • Vitrium’s fully customized portal
  • Their own website
  • Email with secure link

With Vitrium as their DRM solution, Course Beetle was able to make protected content directly accessible from their website. For their customers, the process of accessing their training courses is integrated and seamless.





The Result

With the support of Vitrium, Course Beetle has significantly grown their sales and revenue streams since going digital. They have also gained the ability to face COVID-19 challenges by finding a way to distribute digital content.  
Vitrium enabled Course Beetle to grow their user base by 5 and expand their business to now offer on-demand video content.

"Our priority is the peace of mind we get knowing that each client receives the training content they need and our valuable intellectual property is protected, without having to be extremely restrictive."

Dot Reeves, Course Beetle Company Director



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