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A quality Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution will protect your content and allow you to easily distribute it.

Avoid the risk of unauthorized copying and sharing and the hassle of third party apps or plug-ins!

Distribute Your Content to Users in Different Ways

Vitrium offers different content protection and DRM solutions depending on your needs. Our team will work with you to identify your current workflows or what goals you're trying to achieve.

A Vitrium solution can tie into our existing workflows or add a new workflow process. We offer different content protection and distribution methods: 

Integrate With Your Primary Business Systems

With Vitrium Security Enterprise, you can manage your users (or members, students, clients, etc.) in your existing business system, assign different permissions and DRM policies to them, and protect your content. Integrate Vitrium with various systems and enable single sign-on (SSO).

Vitrium Security Enterprise can be integrated with:

  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Association Management Systems (AMS)
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
  • eCommerce Systems
  • Proprietary Systems
Distribute Via a Secure, Central Web Portal

With any of Vitrium's products, you can offer your users a central place to access their assigned content. Whether it's documents, images, videos or audio files, or a combination of these, Vitrium's portal is a great way to distribute your content from a single location. 

Vitrium's User Portal can be customized with the following:

  • Brand colors and logo 
  • Customized domain URL 
  • Different button and text colors 
  • Text headers and logos
  • Colors and images on folders 
  • User self-registration 
  • And more!


Get LMS Features, Protection & Distribution 

With VitriumOne, you can encrypt your content and package it into different lessons, courses or modules. You can distribute this content directly to the user, through multiple channels, or a hierarchical model. 

VitriumOne enables you to:

  • Sell your content to an organization that redistributes it to their employees or trainees
  • Sell your content to a school or school district that redistributes it to teachers and students
  • Sell your content directly to the end user (B2C) and/or to organizations or schools (B2B)

Distribute Content Via Secure Links in Email 

With any Vitrium solution, you can distribute a single piece of content or multiple files by emailing secure web links. This can be useful when you only need to share 1 or a few documents or video links. 

If you sell your content via an eCommerce system, you can integrate Vitrium Security Enterprise with it. When a user buys your content, they can be emailed a secure link to the content that they just purchased. 

Protect your content and provide the best user experience at the same time! 

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