Digital Protection for Course Materials: Certifications and Accreditations from Associations

In today’s competitive employment landscape, certifications and accreditations are quickly becoming a crucial and reliable way to identify quality professionals in each field. This is particularly the case for technical fields, where certifications not only ensure that professionals are well trained and have the latest skill sets and knowledge required to perform a job, but also boosts productivity and communicate greater reliability and trust to customers. For professionals or aspiring professionals in an industry, working towards certifications or accreditations helps legitimize their skills, improves their chance of getting hired, and ensures that standards are kept and monitored.
As a hub of knowledge, experience, and resources, the benefits are many for an industry’s association to use its unique position to develop and offer members accreditation and certification programs. In fact, more and more, associations are expected to provide access to accreditation for industry members. Many are taking this opportunity and turning it into an initiative that both boosts the profile of the association within the industry, generates revenues, and provides valuable training to professionals. Preparation for certification and accreditation can be offered through online courses, seminars and conferences, publications, and study guides.
Certification and accreditation course materials involve a large investment by associations. A digital rights management solution like Vitrium Security can help protect that investment by preventing leaks and ensuring that only paying individuals have access to course materials. As such, a document security solution can enable associations to offer their educational materials at a higher volume. With easy integration for Vitrium Security into existing systems, and easy access to secured materials for members of the association (since Vitrium protected files can be accessed on any device with no plug-in), your accreditation program course materials and investments protection is simplified.

Customer Story: Certifications for the Communications Technology Community

Our customer is a professionals association that uses Vitrium Security to provide information, education, and knowledge assessment for individuals and companies in the Communications Technology industry. Serving thousands of professionals, they sell electronic publications that go out with their online certification course for technical people on the field. They use Vitrium Security Enterprise to protect these documents and control their usage.
Their administrators log-in to Vitrium Security’s admin console to upload and protect publications, then upload them to their own file server. The association’s IT team used Vitrium’s API to integrate the Vitrium Security software with a homegrown eCommerce system used for the user authentication component of the document work-flow. When a member of the association that has paid for access to the publication accesses their website, they have access to the protected manuals and information, either as a PDF file or a secure weblink for viewing on a browser. Administrators also refer to the analytics reports component in Vitrium Security to get detailed information about how users are accessing their content, for troubleshooting purposes and to provide additional insight.

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