How to Protect Confidential Documents for Boards & Committees of Associations

The need for associations to protect confidential documents such as those in the boardroom or committees is prevalent. Associations are composed of a variety of members that interact uniquely within the organization. Having several areas of focus and operations, with different agendas and made up of various parties of constituents, associations often organize in a structure composed of boards, committees, charters, councils, and task forces. Because associations bring together competing entities to collaborate, the incentive to share resources and information is often seen with caution.

A document security and DRM solution enables associations to control exactly what members can access each confidential or sensitive document. Within a single account, administrators can manage sub-groups of users and determine which documents are accessible, for how long, and what type of interactions are allowed with the content. A sub-committee working to determine pricing strategies, or a chapter examining information that is sensitive to its operations can confidently share that information knowing that it will only reach those that it pertains to. Important and confidential financial data and strategies compiled into documents can be tracked and traced, and access to them monitored in real-time.

Customer Story: Managing Confidential Benefit and Retirement Programs

Taking advantage of Vitrium Security is an American member-based organization that manages daily activities of a benefits and retirement system for an industry. The organization operates under the vision of its Board and Executive Directors, offering financial, information, and other services to members. Because they deal with sensitive financial and board meeting information that needs to be distributed to a large audience of members of the organization, they sought to find a way to protect documents against outside threats, and control the way those that members access and share documents.

By using a solution like Vitrium Security, they are able to confidently share board and financial documents knowing that the risk of these being leaked or falling in the wrong hands is largely diminished.

Administrators for this organization upload files to Vitrium Security and email out PDF files or secured Weblink to members. By uploading a spreadsheet with all member contact information and emails, credential information like login names and passwords are automatically generated and sent to their audience. Through Vitrium Security, they can remote delete files and revoke access, or simply replace old versions of documents with current versions when these are made available, without the need of new login credentials being generated.

Alternatively, a small organization such as this could use Vitrium Security’s central User Portal, which serves as a web portal for secured document distribution. Organizations looking to set up a customizable URL and virtual data room for users are able to do so, making it easier for users to access files kept in a central place.

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