"Oops..." Leaked Confidential Internal Communications


In the age where every form of communication is digital and you're finding more people opting for instant messages versus picking up the telephone, the opportunity for confidential information to get leaked is extremely high!


The consequences for a leaked PDF containing confidential information has gone far beyond the simply slap on the wrist. Companies will face hefty fines and a tainted reputation in the market place as being insecure.


There are ways to combat this issue and avoid the embarrassment of having company info leaked. Protectedpdf offers and PDF Protection and Tracking solution that is a perfect fit for this costly problem. Protectedpdf is a reader friendly PDF Protection solution that does not require any software downloads. Your reader will simply enter in their credentials and have access to the information. Also, with protectedpdf you can track how many times the PDF has been opened and by who.


Protectedpdf puts an end to these embarrassing leaks that are costing companies millions! To get your no risk free trial today check out www.vitrium.com//start-free-trial

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