Vitrium’s Top 10 Features Released in 2021

At Vitrium, we work collaboratively to deliver the best possible product and support, therefore, we rely on the feedback from our customers and their end users to improve our products and processes.

To guarantee your experience with Vitrium gets better each time, and to help you use our software to provide maximum benefits, we've rounded up the Top 10 Features released in 2021!


1. More Password Controls 

As an administrator, you now have more options to choose from when it comes to password controls. You can:

  • Enforce Strong Password: require users to create passwords that include a minimum of 8 characters, at least one uppercase, one number, and a symbol.
  • Limit failed password tries: deactivate a user’s account after a certain number of failed password attempts.
  • Implement mandatory password resets: require users to reset their passwords after a specific number of days.
  • Prevent the use of old passwords: require your users to create a new password each time they change it.


These new password controls settings can be applied to both your administrators and your end-users. They allow for better compliance with ISO and SOC standards, and help to further protect your content from unwarranted access.


Vitrium Password Controls


   New password controls for end users & staff users


2. New Permission Views

With the new users, groups, and content tabs in the admin view you can easily see who has access to which content. In the “users” tab, you can see all your users and the content they have permission to access; in the “groups” tab, you can see all your groups of users and the content each group has permission to access; in the “content” tab, you can see all your files and the users and groups of users than have access to them. This feature provides a straightforward way to see how your content is distributed among your users.


Vitrium Users Tab

Example of users & groups tab in admin view



3. Bookmarks on Video & Audio Content

You now have the option to add bookmarks to the videos or audio files you distribute to your users. This allows you to divide your content in different sections such as chapters, topics, themes, etc. and makes for a better user experience. They can easily toggle or click on the chapter they want to see, and you can easily direct them to a specific section or chapter if need be.


Vitrium Bookmarks on Video

Admin view of bookmarks on videos


4. Last Place Reached on Video & Audio Files

When accessing video and audio files on multiple devices, your users can now start playing from the last place they reached. This allows users to easily navigate their content on multiple devices and resume playing files regardless of the device. It provides an excellent user experience.


5. User's "Last Activity" Tab 

When looking into a specific user, you now have a tab which shows the date and time when they were last active. This new feature allows you to better understand if and how your users are engaging with content, identify your most active users and those who do not access content regularly or at all.


Vitrium User's Last Activity View

Example of user's last activity view


6. Explained Error Codes

In your User Activity Log, when looking at the error codes in the “Reports” tab, you can now see the meaning of each code. Simply hover over the code and a tooltip will pop-up with a brief explanation of what the code is. This saves you the trouble of having to refer to a separate page each time and enables you to better support your users.


7. New "Search" Capabilities in Folders

With our new search capabilities, searches performed in the content tab not only show results in the main folders, but also in the sub-folders as well as content names. Once you perform a search, you will also get a link with the path of the file so you know where it’s located. These enhanced searching features allow for a simpler experience when looking at and managing your content.


Vitrium Search Capabilities

Example of folder and subfolder search


8. Multiple Date Formats Available

We’ve expanded the date formats in your account settings. You can now choose from multiple different formats, and select the one that best suits your needs depending on your geographical location.


Vitrium Date Formats

All new date formats available in portal


9. More Interval Options for "Expiry After First Unlock" & "Offline Access Duration" Policies

When you activate the “Expiry After First Unlock” and “Offline Access Duration” options in your DRM policy settings, you can now choose from several intervals depending on the amount of time you want content to be available to your users. You can set the time in weeks, days, hours, and minutes.


Vitrium Intervals for DRM policies

Intervals available for Expiry After First Unlock & Offline Access Duration policies


10. Offline Access Available for Audio Files

You now have the option to allow your customers to save audio files to their browser so they can access them while offline. As with other files, you can grant permissions for offline access in your DRM policy settings, and can choose the duration of time the file will be available for. Allowing your customers to download and listen to audio files even while offline provides a much better user experience.


These are just some of the features we’ve added or improved in 2021. However, we are constantly evolving and improving our product based on our customers needs and requests. Your positive experience and, consequently, your valuable feedback, are extremely important to us, and we strive to provide you with the best product. There are several more improvements we’ve made, such as our enhanced DRM policy screen to make it more intuitive and user friendly, and much more coming up!


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