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Choose from one of Vitrium's digital rights management solutions to protect your documents, videos, images, or audio content.

Distribute Content Securely & Easily

Vitrium DRM (digital rights management) offers companies a seamless customer journey and solid protection for their content whether it's eBooks, courseware, training materials, research reports, standards documents, videos, movies, audio files, images, or other content types. You are in complete control, free to choose your DRM permissions and decide how to distribute your content.

Choose from various DRM solutions.

They all offer AES encryption, your choice of DRM settings, dynamic watermarks, and user access permissions. The key differences relate to your workflow.

Vitrium Pro

Your protected content can be shared directly with authorized end users via a secure web viewer, streaming on-demand, or a customized user portal.

Vitrium Enterprise

Your protected content can be distributed through a 3rd party system such as an LMS, CRM, AMS, eCommerce, or other system through API integration.


Your protected content can be distributed to schools, customers or partners who can redistribute content to their teachers, students or users.

If you’re unsure which solution is right for you,

Whatever solution you choose, Vitrium DRM gives you complete control over your content.


Strong Protection & Encryption

When you upload your content in Vitrium, it gets protected with AES encryption. With numerous DRM options at your control, you can choose whether to allow or prevent printing, copying, downloading or screen sharing. You can also add dynamic user-identifying watermarks.

Seamless User Access

Vitrium does not require any plug-ins or apps. Content is quick and easy to access. The Vitrium Viewer includes extensive annotation capabilities for documents and images. The Vitrium Video Player supports different bitrate streams and the ability to add bookmarks.

Secure Content Distribution

Share content with authorized users. Start as simple as copying a web link in an email. Or distribute content via a custom user portal. Or connect Vitrium to a 3rd party system to automate your workflows and offer users single sign-on (SSO) access with this system.

Tracking & Analytics

Gain valuable insight into how your users are accessing and consuming content. Identify who is accessing your content, when and how. Learn what your top performing content is, who your most active users are, and make informed decisions based on this.

Protect Multiple File Formats With Vitrium!

Vitrium’s DRM software allows you to protect documents, images, audio and videos. Vitrium encrypts these formats with 128-bit AES encryption and converts them to a secure web format.

Secure Web Viewer Secure Video Player Secure Audio Player

Vitrium solutions provide the optimal balance between content protection and user experience. 

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Vitrium DRM is used by companies around the world!

Read our case studies to learn more.

WPS in the USA uses Vitrium Security Enterprise to protect their educational and psychological assessments. This ensures their sensitive content is secure but still easily accessible by their users.

IVES Training in Canada uses Vitrium Security Enterprise to protect their training eBooks and videos, ensuring their valuable IP is protected. They've integrated Vitrium with their CRM system.

LivCor uses VitriumOne to protect valuable First Aid educational materials that are distributed through their network of partners in the Australian market.

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“ Both the Vitrium product and team have been a pleasure to work with. We pose an unusual case and Vitrium has been exceptionally accommodating and helpful. ”


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