Content Security Software Integration

Leverage Your Systems for Content Security

We designed Vitrium Security's dashboard and administrative panel to make securing files easy and effective. But the true power of Vitrium is its content security technology that can be applied and molded to work with your systems and workflows. 

Our technology is easy to implement (using RESTful APIs)  and integrates seamlessly with your existing user management system, content management technology, and online marketplace or website. 

Learn more about Vitrium's Integration Project options:

Our Professional Services team can help implement and integrate Vitrium’s content security technology with most existing user database systems, content management platforms, and online marketplace environments. Vitrium’s PS team has overseen hundreds of projects for a organizations in a variety of fields, integrating Vitrium Security with general and industry specific software systems, including Salesforce, Magento, WooCommerce, Personify, LoudCloud LMS, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Active Directory, Jive, SharePoint, and many more.

Vitrium’s RESTful APIs are designed to integrate Vitrium seamlessly with most systems storing user credential, and authorization and authentication information, as well as content management systems, and web-based marketplace applications.

If you have your own team or consulting service to perform the integration of Vitrium’s technology, we are happy to support your project and only offer assistance when necessary.

Learn more about Vitrium Security, by checking out our Welcome Center - Vitrium's Enterprise Content Security & DRM at a glance.

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