Content Tracking and Analytics

Vitrium Security offers more than robust content security and Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls. Content creators, publishers, and distributors have access to security tracking and usage analytics for each content file and customer in their database to better understand how the content is being accessed and used.

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Content Security Audit Log

Every time one of your customers attempts to access a content file, Vitrium Security’s Audit Log is updated with an entry recording the attempt, including date and time, the person’s username, the file name of the content they are attempting to view, whether the attempt was made on a Secure PDF file or a Secure Web Link, and device information such as IP address, device number, and browser. A green entry lock means that the attempt to unlock the file was successful, while a red one shows an instance where Vitrium Security has prevented the end user from accessing the file.

Error Codes and Supporting Your Customers

Access attempts can fail for various reasons, including an attempt to access content with the wrong password, limit restriction having been reached, or other reasons. Each reason has an Error Code attributed to it, so that your Vitrium Security administrators can quickly identify why a specific user is not able to access a content file.

It is a really good tool for Vitrium Security customers to track who is accessing their content, to provide general customer support, and identify any issues with specific files or users. 

Read Through Rate and Total Time Spent On File

Taking analytics one step further, Vitrium Security provides page-level analytics for Vitrium customers to be able to monitor the level of engagement each content file has with its designated audience through our Secure Web Links. These include capturing a content file’s read through rate which is a percentage calculated based on the total number of pages an end user has viewed as compared to the total pages of the content filel; keeping track of the total time spent on a content file by each end user, including how many pages they have viewed, how much time was spent on each page, and how many times a specific page was accessed.

All analytics data is delivered to you through Vitrium Security’s dashboard and captured through the Secure Web Link.

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