Vitrium Security - Our Story

Vitrium Security Enterprise is a business tool that protects clients’ revenues by ensuring that their valuable documents are used appropriately.

If you have files that you are looking to sell or distribute but you want to control and manage who gets access to the files, what IP addresses they can be accessed from, and prevent unauthorized sharing and distribution, than Vitrium Security Enterprise Content Management and DRM is for you. 

Vitrium Security automatically encrypts files that are uploaded to the platform and applies layers of security and DRM to the file that let you control access to content, especially after a purchase. It is also used to limit the number of times the material can be viewed after purchase and/or as a copy protection schema. 

Our Story

Based out of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada's western most province, Vitrium has been securing content since 2005. We are one of the most widely deployed content security solutions on the market, with over a million users accessing Vitrium Security content worldwide.

Our Customers Drive Our Progress

From when we started all the way to today, all of Vitrium’s software applications and technology are developed in-house. Our growing team of software developers are constantly improving and evolving our solution to better match the needs of our customers.

We consistently add new features while incorporating feedback from our users to understand how Vitrium Security can go farther in letting you protect, control, distribute, and analyze your content.

Learn more about Vitrium Security, by checking out our Welcome Center - Vitrium's Enterprise Content Security & DRM at a glance.


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