Vitrium Security Overview

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Thorough content protection and seamless distribution is the hardest balance for content creators to achieve.

Vitrium Security allows you to achieve both by providing you with ironclad protection, and a choice of various pain-free distribution methods to share your valuable content!

Protect Intellectual Property, Share Your Content

Vitrium offers top of the line digital rights management (DRM) solutions that enable you to protect your valuable content, prevent revenue loss, and guarantee seamless distribution of digital content.

Your content should never be put at risk of unlawful sharing and copying, but your customers should not have a hard time accessing the content they pay for. A perfect balance between secure protection and hassle-free user access is what you get when you rely on Vitrium as your content protection and DRM system.


Content Protection 

With Vitrium Security you can rest assured that your valuable intellectual property will be thoroughly protected.

Choose Vitrium to:

  • Protect your eBooks, publications, reports, training materials, educational content, training videos, guides, images, audio files, podcasts and more
  • Protect your revenue streams from sales, subscriptions, and memberships Protect your confidential or sensitive information
  • Protect your copyrighted content
  • Prevent plagiarism, piracy and unauthorized sharing
  • Protect the time and value of the content creation process




Seamless User Access

Vitrium Security offers one of the most seamless user experiences of all the DRM systems in the market today.

Choose the option that best suits your needs:


  • Share content via a sleek, professional web viewer, accessible on any device
  • Distribute content through Vitrium’s customizable user portal
  • Integrate Vitrium with your website or 3rd party system
  • Enable single sign-on (SSO) access
  • Offer a no plug-in, no app approach for all methods of distribution!






Protect your content. Protect your business. 



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