Vitrium Security Key Features

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Vitrium Security empowers content creators, publishers, and distributors to protect and control their valuable or confidential documents, videos, images and audio files. 

Vitrium Security has one of the most comprehensive and diverse set of content protection, control and analytics features in the market among file security and digital rights management (DRM) solutions. With Vitrium, your most valuable or confidential content is protected and ready for your audiences to access them. Vitrium can be used to protect your eBooks, videos, training materials, courseware, research reports, market and pricing reports, financial documents, board materials, manuscripts, legal documents, and more.

Protection & Control

Military Grade Encryption.
Trust Vitrium Security with your most sensitive files, no matter where they go or who they are shared with. Vitrium secured files are encrypted with the highest levels of security (256-bit AES encryption), but still easily accessible by authorized users.

Print & Copy Protection.
Any content security system should come with print & copy protection to combat file leaks and content piracy. Vitrium takes it one step further - with additional print and annotations control for                             your document and image files.

documents-icon-oCustom & Dynamic Watermarks.
Vitrium Security offers watermark options such as text-only or dynamic watermarks that can be placed in different places of your content. Customize the watermark with data from the system including user name, ID, file code, date & time stamp, or other info.

User Access Control.
Easily add, modify or delete users and groups, or integrate with other user credential systems. Assign permissions and control what type of access is authorized with DRM policies like passwords, browser limits, expiration dates, time limits, and more.

Content Control.
Prevent file leaks, tampering, or unauthorized distribution with the ability to set IP limits to control geographical and regional access, revoke access to a file or link, and push out new versions to users without the need to resend a new file.


Secure Client Portal Icon.png

Central User Portal.
Securely distribute your content via Vitrium Security’s customizable user portal, where authorized audience accesses all content associated with their account in one place. Provide the best experience to by customizing with your colors and logo, and a customizable URL.


Tracking & Analytics

documents-icon-oSecure File Tracking.
Track who is opening your content, when, how, and from which IP address and computer ID. Track user error messages, application being used, operating system, and other pertinent information to help troubleshoot user issues.

documents-icon-oContent Analytics.
Gain incredible insight into how users are consuming your content with Vitrium’s dashboard and analytical reports. Know which files are being accessed the most or have the highest view or read through-rate. Drill down to identify what files are being viewed and how much time is being spent on each page, video, or image.

Accessibility & Integration

devices-icon-oAccess on Any Device.
Provide different access options for your audience. Direct them to a user portal where each individual or entity can access their secured files in one central place, viewable on any device. Send videos, documents, and images as secured web links via email or attach documents and images as protected PDF files. Upload secured content to your company’s website, eCommerce site, document management system, ECM, learning management system (LMS), CRM or other system.

Single Sign-On.
Group your content so users only need to log in once to gain access to all secured content within the same group. Or integrate Vitrium Security with your website, Intranet, eCommerce platform or other web portal to provide true single sign-on capabilities.

Integration & Workflow Automation.
Integrate Vitrium Security with any 3rd party or proprietary system to streamline your content workflow processes. Leverage Vitrium’s APIs or work with Vitrium’s experienced technical team. Vitrium has done countless integrations with systems ranging from Active Directory and SQL databases to ECM, document management, eCommerce, and learning management systems.

checkmark-icon-orangeAccessible for Visually Impaired.
Vitrium secured documents are compatible with text-to-speech (TTS) software and Adobe’s read-out-loud feature that enable a visually impaired person to consume your secured content.

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