Document Protection and DRM for Associations and Member-based Organizations

Associations and member-based organizations like institutes, foundations, councils, and societies, bring together and represent a large and varied group of entities, be those companies or individuals. They are the driving force for development and advocating for the needs of members in their respective industries, and these members rely on them to set and promote the standards by which the collective is assessed.

We have been providing document protection and digital rights management (DRM) technology for associations and member-based organizations for over a decade. In this article, we will share some of the ways our clients have leveraged Vitrium's document security technology to support the career and development of their members.

A little bit about Vitrium Security

For those that haven't come across document security software solutions or DRM technology, a brief introduction will help contextualize the uses of of Vitrium Security for associations and member-based organizations. At the fundamental level, Vitrium Security is a file encryption software solution that empowers associations to control how an audience interacts with a file or document. With military-grade encryption (256-bit AES encryption) at the associations disposal, it is easy to upload all kinds of documents and instantly apply protection at the file level. These documents include anything from standards, to education and training materials, certification instructions, and board and committee sensitive or confidential documents.


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How Associations Use Document Security and DRM

Discover DRM use cases for associations as providers of training, certifications, intelligence, and standards.

Associations create content that need to be protected and controlled, like:

- Online training and education materials for members or paying customers.
- Digital library national and global standards for industry. 
- Market intelligence, industry reports, and publications compiled by outside consultants or committee members. 
- In-house certification or accreditation programs for members. 
- Sensitive and confidential documents for Board of Directors, or committees. 

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Document Security and DRM for Associations

This guide will help you get started in understanding everything you need to know about Document Security and DRM for associations. We introduce how Enterprise Document Security and DRM works, examine common use cases for associations, and discuss how  DRM integrates with your existing systems.

Questions Addressed in White Paper:

  • How to protect training materials, standards, guides, confidential documents and more with file encryption
  • How to manage audiences and control how they interact with content, including distribution restrictions. 
  • Common use cases to monetize content with the help of document security and DRM for associations. 
  • How to distribute your content and publications to authorized members using Personify or other AMS solutions.
  • How to attain seamless integration between your existing systems and document security solutions. 

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