LivCor Uses VitriumOne to Protect Training Content

"VitriumOne has enabled us to go digital. We’re not having to print and ship hundreds of thousands of books every year. As a result, VitriumOne has also significantly reduced our shipping costs."

-Josh Cherry, LivCor Systems & Project Manager 

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Company Overview

Formerly Australian First Aid and APL Healthcare, LivCor is Australia’s most experienced First Aid & Emergency registered training organization (RTO). They have over 30 years of experience, and provide thousands of customers around the country with innovative health and safety training, training aids and health-related products.




The Challenge

LivCor has been working in the First Aid training industry for 30 years and has always relied exclusively on print publications. They have wanted to offer both print and digital versions of their content, and the global pandemic accelerated this need. Additionally, they needed a solution that could work with their business model. They sell eBooks to businesses in a B2B model, and needed a way to allow these clients to redistribute this content to their own student groups. LivCor needed a solution that enabled them to license their training content without relinquishing control of their IP.

“The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated our need to go from print publications, to offering digital content that can be delivered instantly and securely."

-Josh Cherry, LivCor Systems & Project Manager 


The Solution 

LivCor now relies on VitriumOne to protect their IP and easily distribute their digital content. Their revenue is protected, and they can easily manage content licensing and redistribution.

VitriumOne allows LivCor to securely share their digital First Aid training content. After considering MagicBox and Google Books, they settled on Vitrium as their content protection and distribution system. Their B2B clients have the freedom to easily redistribute licensed content to students and trainees, and LivCor has the assurance their content is protected and in their control.

They rely on these VitriumOne features:

  • Expiry, copy, & print limits
  • Dynamic watermarks
  • Different user types (admins, trainers, students)
  • Assigned content for specific users
  • Customized portal view

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With VitriumOne as their solution, LivCor is now able to manage their content licensing while keeping their IP secure. They don’t need to spend time and resources printing and shipping physical books. Their content distribution process is now immediate and more efficient.

  • Customers access content via a custom portal
  • Publications are organized in different categories
  • Students & trainees access content via a limited time access code




The Result

With the support of Vitrium, LivCor has significantly reduced shipping & printing costs by distributing digital content. They've found a way to securely license their content and allow clients to redistribute training materials, a  well as gained the ability to protect and license their valuable publications. LivCor now relies on VitriumOne to securely distribute their First Aid & Emergency training courses and materials, they license they content digitally to partners around the world.

"Vitrium readily met all the requirements we had. They understood the scope of our project and our goals. After going live, they continue to actively check up on us. The team is responsive and always has time if you need them!"

Josh Cherry, LivCor Systems & Project Manager


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