Tailored DRM Software With Vitrium's Add-On Feature

While you may think having the most advanced DRM features available at all times is the best approach to protect your content, it's important to choose a DRM software that enables you to have a content protection strategy that is tailored to your specific needs.

There might be some features that you require, while others you may have no use for and, naturally, would want to pay extra for. This will be determined by your particular workflows, as well as the type of content you're distributing and the type of users you're providing content to. Depending on how simple or how intricate your process is, you may not need a full-blown enterprise DRM software. 

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Custom-Fit DRM Software 

If you want to protect your content with advanced DRM settings and features, but don't need all the intricacies of an Enterprise Edition DRM software, you can opt for Vitrium's add-on DRM modules. With these, you can settle on an essential DRM package, like Vitrium's Pro Edition, and choose to add specific advanced features depending on your particular needs. 

Having advanced features that you can add onto your essential DRM plan allows you to leverage a DRM software that is, essentially, customized to your organization's workflows and needs. If you have simple processes you could benefit from basic automation, making your life easier and your customers' experience more streamlined and pleasant. You could add a certain advanced restriction or permission without having to justify moving onto a more advanced package altogether. Ultimately, you wouldn't have to forego advanced DRM in the case that an Enterprise option is not within your budget.

Add-On Advanced DRM Features With Vitrium

There are multiple advanced features, previously only available to Enterprise Edition customers, which can now be included to Vitrium's Pro Edition as add-ons. To include any of these features, you simply need to reach out to your account specialist and they'll enable whichever add-ons you choose on your account

Advanced DRM Permissions & Restrictions

Add any of the following Modules:

  • Content Open Limit – the ability to set a limit for how many times someone can open a file
  • IP Address Limit – the ability to set the number of IP addresses someone can open a file from
  • Allowed IP Addresses – if you select ‘0’ in the option above, then you can specify an IP address or a range of IP addresses that someone can open a file from (this option is great for providing access to anyone who works within a specific organization or academic institution)
  • Location Permits – the ability to set the specific country and/or state/province from where someone can access content from (country is based on the user’s IP address)
  • Location Restrictions – the ability to restrict the specific country and/or state/province from where someone can access content from (again, country is based on the user’s IP address)

Admin Users Staff Roles Feature

Assign different roles to different admin users to stay in control of your content:

  • Master Admin: has access to all the tabs and features in their respective Vitrium account, from uploading and managing content, adding users, setting up Content Settings and DRM Policies, etc.
  • Support: has limited access to support-related tasks such as viewing content, users, groups, and reports, but has no editing rights
  • Permission Manager: has limited access to managing permissions which includes adding/editing users and groups, assigning them to content, managing Content Settings, Watermarks and DRM Policy Settings
  • Content Manager: has limited access to managing content which includes uploading and replacing content, and managing Content Settings
  • System Viewer: only has viewing rights, no editing rights whatsoever

Single Sign-On (SSO) Settings 

Add different SSO out-of-the-box features to allow your end users to easily access content:

  • Google (OAuth)
  • Microsoft (OAuth)
  • Facebook (OAuth)
  • Salesforce (OAuth)
  • Other custom OAuth

When SSO is enabled, end users don't need to log in with specific credentials, but rather are able to choose to log in with any of the options you provide. 

Basic Automation Capabilities 

Depending on the simplicity or complexity of your system and your workflows, you may be able to include certain basic automation features:

  • Automate simple procedures with your workflow
  • Automate adding users to Vitrium from their website registration system
  • Automate adding users to Vitrium from their eCommerce system

The ability to add basic automation capabilities to your account will be assessed by our team of specialists. They will analyze your workflows and determine if basic automation can be added.

How Can Vitrium Help?

Whether you're certain you only need a few advanced features, or you'r still navigating the different DRM software solutions we offer and deciding which fits best, our team is here to support you. We will help you decide which DRM settings are best for you, and will walk you through the process of customizing your content protection strategy. 

 If you wish to learn more about our new add-on DRM settings feature, or need help setting it up, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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