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We are with you every step of the way, from start to finish of your implementation project.
Our APIs make it easy to deploy Vitrium Security in your own time, or let our team guide your implementation project.

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Implementing Content Protection  

For over 16 years, we have successfully implemented content protection technology for organizations around the world and across many industries. Starting with document DRM, we have worked with Associations, Standards organizations, Educational publishers and distributors to protect their valuable intellectual property or revenue-generating content. Then, as we added video DRM, image DRM, and audio DRM capabilities to our platform, we started implementing our content protection software for Training organizations, Film companies, Technology, and Manufacturing companies.  to protect their valuable intellectual property. We offer a cloud-Whether installing on-premise or hosting the application on Vitrium’s cloud servers, we partner with you to implement Vitrium Security Enterprise’s file encryption and DRM technology that meets your content security objectives.

Installed On-Premise

Installed On-Premise

Our Vitrium team works with you to dive in and define your regulatory compliance and security needs. If your business has strict security requirements for files and data, installing Vitrium Security Enterprise on-premise gives you full control and supervision over videos, documents, audios and images, user credential databases, and the application as they reside in your internal servers. On-premise installs are ideal for:

  • Companies with strict regulatory compliance commitments relating to content needing protection
  • Organizations that administer user credential databases that are highly classified
  • Organizations looking for unlimited content to be protected
  • Companies or organizations with sufficient IT and technical resources to deploy and administer servers and systems
Cloud-Hosted DRM Solution

Cloud-Hosted DRM Solution

Sign up for Vitrium Security Enterprise cloud-hosted solution and protect your files right away. Cloud deployed Vitrium solutions are automatically updated and maintained, saving your time and money. Take advantage of Vitrium’s robust DRM technology to secure files that contain sensitive information or revenue-generating content, the technology includes:

  • Military grade 256-bit AES encryption for PDF and Office files
  • Extensive set of DRM policies for setting user controls
  • No messy apps or plug-ins for your customers to download to gain access to your content
  • Scalable solution to meet your demands today and in the future
Use Your IT Team and Our APIs

Use Your IT Team and Our APIs

No one is as familiar with your systems and workflow as your own internal team. For this reason, we have prepared a package of APIs that are readily available for your team to implement Vitrium Security within your system, including any integrations you may require. This way, your team can evolve the system as it sees fit. Our current APIs perform the following functions:

  • Automate user credentials for document access authentication and authorization
  • Video, document, audio and image management and workflow automation
  • Manage document versions, DRM policies, settings, and watermarks
  • Retrieve reader activities, usage data, remote unlocks, and register SSO content
  • and more!
Engage Vitrium’s Implementation Team

Engage Vitrium’s Implementation Team

Our Professional Services team has implemented Vitrium Security for hundreds of Enterprise customers, each with unique requirements and processes. Working closely with your team, project manager, or technology consultant, we determine the best option of deployment based on your security and workflow needs. Implementation projects cover:

  • Defining best method of deployment, whether hosted on Vitrium’s servers or installed On-Premise
  • Reviewing current APIs and integration possibilities
  • Analysis of current servers and database requirements
  • Training of system administrators and technical staff
  • Testing and support to ensure all project goals are achieved
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See Vitrium Security in Action

See Vitrium Security in Action

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