How to Support Your End Users Guide
About this Guide
In this End User Guide, you will learn how to support your end users, the recipients of your Vitrium-protected content. You can click here to access the full guide now or click below to find the information you're looking for.

Why You Must Support the End Users

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Vitrium's goal is to help our customers like you learn how to use the software, but also educate you about how to support your end users. This is because your organization is responsible for providing direct support to the end users per Vitrium's Terms of Use Agreement.

Resolving Common Issues

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Learn where to look first to identify and help troubleshoot your user's issue.
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Review User Activity Log

Learn where to look first: the User Activity Log and learn how to read this report.

Open Error Code Guide

This guide has almost all the answers! Learn where to find it in your Vitrium account.

Top 5 Error Codes

Learn what the top 5 error codes are in the User Activity Log and what action to take.

Web Viewer Not Loading

Learn why the web viewer content may not load on the screen and what to do.

Protected PDF File Not Opening

Learn the common mistakes users make when trying to open the protected PDF file.

Unexpected Error

Learn how to check your integration code when this error appears, or ask your IT team.

503 Service Unavailable

Vitrium server is offline, for a scheduled maintenance window or a release/hot fix

Global Object Security Policy (GOSP)

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The Global Object Security Policy (GOSP) is a setting in the Adobe Reader, Acrobat and PDF-XChange apps that controls how cookies behave. It is important for users to disable this feature. Learn more about the GOSP and how users can disable this in their PDF app.

When All Efforts Have Been Exhausted

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If you have exhausted all efforts to support your customer or end user and you still cannot help them access your content, then you may contact the Vitrium support team by calling us or submitting a support ticket.