Vitrium Web Viewer Guide
About this Guide
In this Web Viewer Guide, you will learn about all the features and functions of the Vitrium web viewer. You can click here to access the full guide or click below to find the specific information you're looking for.

About Vitrium Web Viewer

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The Vitrium Web Viewer is the primary encrypted format for protecting documents & images in all of Vitrium's DRM solutions. It comes with an extensive number of features including page-viewing features, highlighting & other annotation features, printing, offline access, and more.

How It Works

Content gets uploaded into Vitrium, then converted to a sleek, modern web viewer. Learn more about this process.

Supported Formats & Browsers

The Vitrium Viewer can support a number of different document and image formats, and the viewer is supported across many browsers.

Page Viewing & Layout

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The Web Viewer comes with a variety of different page viewing, orientation, and layout options, all with the purpose of making your reading experience more pleasurable and suited to your needs.
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Page Layout

Learn how to change the web viewer layout from single page view to double-page and more.

Page Transition

Learn how to change page transitions to suit the way you read content online.

Light & Dark Mode

Learn how to switch between light mode and dark mode to make things easier on your eyes.

Page Thumbnails

Learn how to view your content's page thumbnails so you can scan through the content quickly.

Outlines / Table of Contents

If your content has a Table of Contents or Bookmarks, learn how to use the viewer's Outlines feature.

Page Orientation

Learn how to rotate your content, especially if an image or page of your document got scanned in the wrong way.


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Learn more about the Vitrium Viewer's annotation features including how to choose from an array of color choices, pen styles, highlighter thicknesses, font types, and much more!
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Learn the different ways you can highlight in your content, set up preset colors, and more.


Learn about the different underline features including regular underline, strikeouts and the funny squiggly underline!

Notes / Comments

Learn how to add sticky notes throughout your content, color-code them, and search on them later.

Text Tool

Learn how to use the text tool feature, includin ghow to change the font type, style and size, resize your text box, and even add math symbols or other symbols.

Drawing / Free Hand

Learn how to use the drawing or free-hand tool and change the color, thickness, and opacity.


Learn how to add numerous different shapes into your content including arrows, lines, circles, rectangles and more.


Learn how to use the measuring feature and change your dimensions between metric or imperial, and change your scale and precision.

Undo / Redo / Eraser

As with any notes or annotations, we can all make mistakes. Learn how to use the undo, redo and eraser features.

Search Feature

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The Vitrium Viewer has an extensive search feature where you can search for words or phrases found in the content, but also for words that appear in the comments that you make.
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Regular Search Function

Learn how to search for a word or phrase in your content, see all the pages it appears on, and choose other filters.

Comments & Annotations Search

Learn how to use the advanced search function to search for a word within the comments you've added.

Sorting & Filtering

Learn how to use the sort and filter options to get more granular with your search.

Offline Access

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Learn how to save your content for offline use so you can access your content while on a plane, train, bus, or away from a wifi zone.
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Learn how to print from within the web viewer, if this option has been provided to you.