DRM Protection: 5 Tips to Choose DRM Software

As a digital content creator or provider, you probably find yourself asking: How do I protect my content? How do I choose (DRM) software? How can I leverage DRM protection?

You need to ensure your intellectual property (IP) is not at risk. When DRM protected content is safe from being copied, shared, downloaded, and re-distributed, it’s under your complete control. However, the process of DRM protection can sometimes be confusing, and you may not know which steps to take. The question becomes: How do you choose the right DRM software

1. Invest in quality DRM: Look for the best!

Though it might seem obvious, organizations don't always recognize the need for digital rights management software. You must understand the value of your content and invest in the best solution. A robust content protection software will include a multitude of policies and permissions. Research the options available and look for one that is well rounded, as protection should never compromise user experience.

When deciding, think of Goldilocks: you want a DRM system that is strict enough to ensure your content is secured, but not so restrictive that using it is a hassle to your users. With over 20 DRM policies to choose from, and a no plug-in or third-party apps approach, Vitrium offers just this. 


2. Consider advanced DRM protection: be in control

It is important that you carefully look at the DRM settings and options available to you. To ensure your content is thoroughly protected, you must go for advanced DRM policies. Choose settings that always put you in control of your content and fit well with your distribution needs.

Selecting expiry dates, for example, ensures that users can only access content for a specific period of time. While adding device limits and IP address restrictions limit a user’s ability to access files. Managing when and where your users can access your content is the best way to guarantee you are in control and your content is safe.

With Vitrium, you get an advanced DRM system that allows you to:

  • Enable or disable offline access
  • Set expiry dates
  • Select IP addresses & location restrictions
  • Enforce strong password configurations to further protect content


3. Explore dynamic watermarks: Prevent content theft & identify violators

When protecting digital content, watermarking should never be overlooked. It is one of the most important DRM settings you need in your DRM software. Watermarks deter users from sharing and copying content, and can be a crucial tool to help discourage users from taking screenshots.

By adding dynamic watermarks, for example, you can identify ownership of a particular file or set of files,  limiting the potential for intellectual property theft. You can see who the content was licensed to, as well as when & where it was accessed.


Look for watermark settings that allow you to include user-identifying information:

  • User ID or username
  • IP address
  • Unlock & access information
  • Expiry dates

4. Don't neglect user experience: find the right balance

Your digital content is only as good as the user experience your customers have when accessing it. While it is crucial to keep content protected, you want to make sure not to compromise user experience in the name of security. It is important that you find DRM software that allows you to implement policies to keep your content exclusive but also provides a pleasant customer journey.

Consider how your users access content: is it a straight-forward process or do they have to jump through hoops? Where are they getting protected content from? What does this virtual space look and feel like? Moreover, consider the extra workload and the support headaches that come with restrictive user access.


Think about a perfectly balanced scale, with content protection on one side and seamless user access on the other side. The scale will remain balanced as long your DRM software:

  • Provides advanced policies and gives you control
  • Does not require users to download plug-ins or apps to access content
  • Allows you to distribute content easily through different channels including a customizable user portal, your website, or a third party system (via a link and downloadable PDF)
  • Allows you to protect multiple content types (documents, PDFs, audios, videos, images)


Vitrium gives you the ideal balance between content protection and ease of use. Our DRM software is constantly evolving to provide your users with the best possible experience and provide you with the strongest protection.

5. Consider your experience: What does the process look like for you?

While it is crucial to offer the best user experience to your customers, it is also important that you consider your own. When choosing DRM software and putting a content protection strategy in place, look at what you are offered as a user and what the journey looks like for you.

Do they take the time to understand your particular use case, workflows, and the needs of your company? Can you clearly see and experience what the software looks like in action? The best DRM systems offer a demonstration that is tailored to your specific workflows. This will help you fully understand the software and make sure it is the right solution for you.


Look for an option that makes you feel comfortable using DRM software and simplifies the process of uploading content and managing users. Finally, consider the onboarding and implementation process: What kind of support are you offered after you decide to buy?

Choose a solution that assists you and dedicates time and effort to training you and your teams. At Vitrium, our specialists are by your side every step of the way. They advise and support you throughout your entire content protection journey.


While there are many more things you need to consider, these 5 steps are essential for a successful journey in selecting the right DRM software for your organization. These crucial elements are the difference between an average DRM software and an advanced and comprehensive DRM platform, like Vitrium. These elements are core parts of all our products, and they ensure our cutting-edge technology is truly the best in the market.


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