The Benefits of Advanced Tracking & Analytics in Secure Data Rooms

There are many data rooms on the market, but none of the ones that are available come close to providing the detailed analytics and tracking that Vitrium offers. When you’re able to see detailed user tracking and analytics, you gain valuable feedback that can assist you in making more informed business decisions. 

Analytics that Provides Valuable Insights

Content creators, publishers, and distributors need to know how their content is performing. The tracking and analytical reports in a secure data room should be able to answer performance-based questions such as:

      • What's the most accessed content in a given period of time? 
      • Which document is being read the most? 
      • Which video is being viewed the most? And how long is each video played? 
      • What pages of a document are being read the most? 


With this knowledge, you can create more of the content your users want. Users can be your clients, vendors, subscribers, members, students, trainees, employees or others.

You should also be able to answer user-specific questions such as:

      • Who opens the most content? 
      • Who reads the most documents? 
      • Who watches the most videos? 
      • Which country are the majority of users accessing the content from?
      • Which browser or application is being used the most to consume content?

This information helps companies understand how their videos, documents, and images are being accessed and consumed, which in turn, will aid them to create better content. 

Examples of Companies That Benefit From Advanced Tracking and Analytics 

Research Companies


A research company that provides financial analysis of the commodities markets experiments with delivering shorter daily reports to their clients vs. a longer, weekly report. After a few months of testing, they analyze the data to see which type of report is getting accessed and read more. They discover that their clients engage more with the shorter daily reports (higher read-through-rates and more views) but one particular page from the weekly report (the one with all the summary data) got a ton of views and the highest time spent by their users.

Based on this information, the company decides to roll out the daily reports across their entire subscriber base and keep the weekly report but condense that report to only show the summary data. Their clients were happy with the changes and they saw a boost in their subscriber numbers.

Marketing Teams


A marketing team is trying to decide whether they should format their content as white papers or eBook. They use Vitrium’s advanced tracking and analytics capabilities in their data room product to discover which type of content has the highest read-through-rate.

With the valuable insights gathered over a period of time, they were surprised at the outcome. They thought the more visual, landscape-view eBooks would be a bigger hit but soon discovered, their more informative and portrait-view white papers were a hit among their customer base. This was assessed by reviewing Vitrium’s read-through-rate and time spent reports.

The marketing team spends a lot of time and energy preparing these types of content so analyzing what their users prefer helps ensure their efforts are not going to waste. 

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Firms


M&A firms rely heavily on their secure data room’s advanced tracking and analytics reports in order to assess which prospective companies may be the likeliest to acquire the client they’re working with. They review the user activity log report and other analytics reports to see which companies or users are logging in the most, which files they’re accessing the most, and which files they’re reading the most.

Equipped with this knowledge, they pay more attention to and focus more of their efforts with the firms that seem the most interested, in an effort to move the process forward and get a successful deal done for their client.

Educational Content Providers


An educational content provider selling their content in packages may want to assess which particular eBooks, worksheets, or videos in that package are accessed, read, or watched the most. Based on their findings, there could be an opportunity to change up their package mix by eliminating a piece of content, adding more video content, or improving other content currently available in the package. 

In fact, if the educational content provider received feedback from their customers, whether it’s teachers, schools, or other educational institutions, that the students watching their videos are more likely to succeed and score higher marks in their lessons, then they might even decide to create a package in which more video content is used and charge a higher premium for it. 

Another use for educational content providers analyzing the user activity logs and other analytical data is if they discovered that users who purchased the single license with unlimited printing and device access suddenly had an incredibly high number of prints and views from different IP addresses across different states or provinces or even countries!

The content provider may want to consider changing their digital rights management (DRM) policies to restrict their content access to only a few devices and a few prints, but then offer additional upsell options for their licenses as a way to generate more revenue for their content. 

Vitrium is the Preferred Choice for Advanced Tracking and Analytics in a Secure Data Room

Businesses choose Vitrium for their content protection needs because they know that while each piece of intellectual property is being well-protected with a wide range of DRM and content controls applied, they also receive access to extensive user activity logging and analytics reports that provide insights on every content they distribute and for every user they distribute that content to. 


Having been in the digital education publishing market since 2005, Vitrium is the ideal solution for content providers, both small and large. With over 150 customers using Vitrium to protect their valuable intellectual property and over a million users accessing Vitrium-protected content, you can be assured that Vitrium is the vendor of choice for your digital content protection needs.

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