Digital Asset Protection Within Your Virtual Data Room

Clients who come to Vitrium Security, understand that protecting their valuable digital assets goes beyond secure data rooms. What they are really looking for, and what your company should be seeking as well, is an ironclad digital asset protection system. One that not only controls access to your virtual data room, but that also encrypts and secures each piece of intellectual property that is housed within it. 

Picture this scenario: A robber wants to break into a house. The house is protected with a top-notch security system that features motion sensors and requires a code to disarm it. 

The robber painstakingly goes through the trouble of figuring out the code or finds some other means of disarming it, and now has access to your house and your valuables. However, what they didn’t count on is the homeowner has locked away all of the most valuable items in a safe. While trying to crack the safe, the police are alerted and the thief is caught and taken into custody. 

In the case of Vitrium’s digital asset protection, the “house” is your company’s virtual data room, and our digital rights management (DRM) software is the safe that gives the valuables an added layer of protection. The extra layer of security makes it exponentially harder for any unauthorized users to gain access to your digital valuables. 


Some data room providers can prevent files from being downloaded but most don't protect those downloadable files and this is where critical leaks can occur. Vitrium secures the data room, protects every individual file within the data room, and protects the downloadable files as well.

Whether a security breach is intentional or not, unauthorized access to your intellectual property can cost your company staggering amounts of revenue. 

For example, suppose your company is storing sensitive documents related to a pending merger of two companies in your virtual data room. The merger has not gone public yet, but someone gains access to this private data. With their curiosity piqued, they download the file, share it with a colleague, and inadvertently leak the information to an unauthorized user. Because of this leak, one or both companies suffer a loss in stock prices, and the plans for the merger are destroyed as a result. 

Had there been proper security measures in place, the leak wouldn’t have happened. When millions of dollars are on the line, breaches like this can destroy a business. That is why securing your company’s digital assets is not something that should be taken lightly. 

How Vitrium Secure Data Room Works

When a company chooses to use Vitrium Security, we walk them through setting up their virtual data room within minutes. Once your secure data room is in place, you can customize it with your brand colors, logo, and favicon. Next, you can choose the name for your data room, and then begin uploading your digital assets to it. From there, without having to worry about digital assets being distributed, you can share the entire data room with authorized users or specific files within the data room for specific users.


Each user will have a secure login for entry to the data room, and depending on what permissions have been set and what DRM policies have been applied, the user will see only those files for which they've been provided access. You will be able to choose the different content protection and DRM controls for different types of users or different assets, such as whether you want to allow copying or printing of the file or whether you allow downloads (which are still protected within Vitrium). Furthermore, you can apply additional controls such as start dates, expiry dates, device limits, open limits, and IP address limits or restrictions. Learn about all of Vitrium Security’s features here

Companies that use Vitrium Security have peace of mind knowing that:

      • Their digital assets are protected with multiple layers of security
      • They have control over everything in their virtual data room at all times
      • Authorized users can easily access data within a secure portal without messy applications or plug-ins
      • They will be able to track user activity and access real-time analytical reports 
      • They can revoke access to users with the click of a button whenever necessary

It’s never been more critical for businesses to protect their digital assets. Information and data move rapidly, but with Vitrium Security you can prevent who has access to your valuable intellectual property. Learn why Vitrium is one of the best digital rights management (DRM) and virtual data room solutions for SMBs and large enterprises.

Download eBook:The Best Protection for Digital Assets: Virtual Data Rooms with DRM Controls

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